Retutpro’s “Foxy Hipster” Beauty Portrait Retouch

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2.5 hours on using advanced tools to retouch creatively

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In this video, you’ll get a step-by-step guide to every Photoshop technique used in this eye-catching portrait

If you like retouching, you know there’s only one rule you go by: keep it light. No surprise there. Nobody wants to do portrait retouch to an extent that it ends up looking lifeless and fake. So the question becomes: How much Photoshop is too much?

BUT . . . honestly, wouldn’t it be cool if could stop worrying about that? If you could just apply retouch after retouch without thinking if you’ve gone too far? Be able to play around with your creative impulses because you’ve seen a professional do it before?

That’s the freedom video courses like Manni’s from Retutpro offer. And that’s why I’m always excited to bring them to you. They’re exhaustive, detail-filled, info-rich, and comprehensive (yes, I really like Manni!). And with them, you’ll be able to straddle that line between creativity and going too far.

In this video, “Foxy Hipster,” you’ll get instruction on high-end beauty portrait retouch. Divided into 12 lessons, the 2.5 hours of the video cover everything from how he set up his lights to the final, pinpoint edits he used for both the background color and his subject’s skin tone.

After watching it, you’ll get the confidence to do portrait retouch with the most advanced tools in Photoshop, knowing you’ve seen Manni do it all before. And gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to create world-class retouching enhancements.

What know more about the course?

In this course, you’re going to get 2.5 hours of instruction divided into 12 lessons. The download includes source files, RAW and PSD files, and bonus lessons on setting up your Wacom tablet.

After watching, you’ll be able to:

  • Retouch hair using the Curves adjustment layer and other advanced tools
  • Retouch skin using tools like the High Pass Filter and Gaussian Blur
  • Retouch exposure using Selective Color Adjustment layer, Curves Adjustment, and others
  • Plus, much more!

Look below for a quick rundown of each lesson.

Planning & Photography Settings

In this lesson, you’ll learn how Manni planned out his shoot before he shot it. You’ll see how he set up his lights, background, and camera as well as get a peek inside his creative process. You’ll also see how he directs and poses models.

Light Setup & Diagram

Knowing technical specificity is crucial for portraits like these (where even, smooth lighting is required for both the model and the background), this lesson covers the lighting setup in greater depth. You’ll learn why Manni went with four lights and poly boards and understand what each light brought to the table.

Preparations & Raw Conversions

In this lesson, you’ll learn how the portrait was first adjusted in Camera Raw Processing and then imported into Photoshop. In this stage, you’ll see why adjusting contrast, exposure, and sharpness before you even start the portrait retouch. This will help you in the long run!

Help Layers & Notes

A help layer is like an agenda. It helps you stay focused on what you wanted to change. With it, you’ll be able to go back to all the little adjustments you first noticed so that you never forget your first gut reaction.

Comprehensive Hair Retouching

Hair is the first big challenge. Using adjustment layers like Curves, you’ll work on selective areas to fill in color and kept an even exposure all over, while taking out any large, stray hairs.

Basic Portrait Retouch & Cleaning

Before anything really challenging, you first got to clean up your image. Get rid any dust spots, unmistakable eyesores, and anything you can do fast. In this lesson, you’ll use tools like healing, cloning and refining.

Liquefying & Image Adjustments

The liquefying tool is powerful and can be overdone but it’s so helpful. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Liquify Tool help refine an image. The idea is not to create a different person. You’ll create changes that are subtle and done with artistic integrity.

Comprehensive Skin Retouching

Skin is the second big challenge and one of the most important. In this lesson, you’ll apply techniques to ensure smooth silky skin. You’ll learn tools like the High Pass Filter and the Gaussian Blur to get clear, beautiful skin.

Fixing Sunglass Reflections

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Curves Adjustment to add a touch of contrast. You’ll also use Selective Color Adjustment Layer to adjust color. For light control, you’ll use the Marquee Tool to selectively pick out areas to add pop.

Dodge & Burn

In this lesson, you’ll learn Manni’s famous Dodge & Burn technique. His technique allows you to emphasize the highlights and shadows of any image.

Color & Light Control Adjustments

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the Curves Adjustment to add a touch of contrast. You’ll also use Selective Color Adjustment Layer to adjust color. For light control, you’ll use the Marquee Tool to selectively pick out areas to add pop.

Crop & Final Adjustments

After the portrait retouch is done, you need to crop and layout your final adjustments. You’ll be working with the Selective Colour Adjustment Layer to create an extra flare of color. You’ll also learn some tips on cropping.

Adding Graphic Elements

In this lesson, you’ll add bubbles to the background. You’ll work with Effects and Layer Masks to create what you see around the subject.

Final Color Adjustments & Retouch

In the final lesson, you’ll add color to areas that need pop. You’ll use Solid Color layers, layer masks and Hue and Saturation Adjustment layers.

BONUS LESSON: Wacom Tablet

In this bonus lesson, you’ll learn how to set up a Wacom Pen Tablet and how to use it.

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