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Author: PhotoWhoa

A Collection Of Overlays That Cannot Fail To Dazzle…

There is something magical about finding just the right Photoshop overlay effects.

In an instant, your photo can be transformed from ho-hum to a spectacular image that makes your audience do a double take.

At least, that’s the way it is in your imagination.

In reality, though, it’s tough to find overlays that align with this vision. Some look good on paper, but when you go to use them, they just don’t “wow” you in the way that you expected. The colors are too bland, the light effects seem too contrived. Other times an overlay may be hard to use, or incompatible with your computer software. And who has time for that?

If only you had a collection of user-friendly Photoshop overlay effects which offered both varieties and that “wow” factor.

photoshop overlay effects

At last…the collection of Photoshop overlay effects you’ve been searching for

photoshop overlay effects

PhotoWhoa is now offering a bundle of 3000+ stunning Photoshop overlays.

Each one is easy to use, readily available for download and immediate use, with no learning curve required.

Each one comes in both JPEG and PNG formats. The overlays are compatible with any kind of equipment or software that allows you to use layers.

The bundle comes with an extended license, so you can access them over and over again for personal or commercial use. Add a dramatic overlay to a wedding portrait for one of your clients, or just jazz up your nephew’s baby pictures for fun. Your options are limitless.

For example, you can take a model’s blue dress into the realm of the fantastical by adding a spectacular blue wave effect. Or highlight a section of your image with a dramatic light square using a Light Squares effect.

And if you tire of one of these effects, there are hundreds of others still left to play with.

More examples of the overlays…

Curly Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Messy Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Rainbow Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Energy Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Bokeh Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Hearts Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Light Leak Overlays

photoshop overlay effects

Create photography that stands out from the crowd

photoshop overlay effects

Photography is a thrilling business, but also a very tough one. Each day, you are putting your heart out there in your images for the public to see and to judge. Digital technology makes it seem easy for anyone with a cell phone to create images and put them out there in competition with yours. It’s definitely a challenge to stand out in all the noise.

These photo overlays give you that hidden edge you need to stand out from your competitors. With so many images crowding the visual spaces of our world, yours will be the ones that make viewers turn around and take another look.

Even better, these eye-catching results can be created with amazing ease, giving you even more of a competitive edge. The time that you’ll save with such a simplified workflow will free you up to focus on other tasks. You will have more time to promote your work, to build professional connections, and to come up with creative ideas to improve your art.

What you’ll get

Bellow, you can see all categories included:

1) Curly
2) Elegancy
3) Geometry backgrounds
4) Material design
5) Plastic Shapes
6) Rainbow
7) Royal Blue & Gold Elegance
8) Light Leaks
9) Hearts
9) Bokeh Hearts
10) Fallen
11) Luxury
12) Metallic
13) Origami & Watercolor
14) Fractal

15) Shadow’s power
16) Virus injection
17) Black & Gold
18) Bokeh
19) Bokeh Shapes
20) Bubbles
21) Colorful Overlays
22) Dancing Colors
23) Energy
24) Flowers
25) Soft Light Leaks
26) Sparkly Colors
27) Watercolor
28)Soft Light Leaks

If you are looking for gorgeous, user-friendly Photoshop overlay effects, search no more.

Download this great bundle today.

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