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Compositing Photoshop Sky City – Photoshop Cafe

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Hone your Photoshop skills with a compositing project.

City in the Sky is a compositing project that will help you become a better digital artist.

Want to master compositing and digital art?

City in the Sky is a digital compositing project in Photoshop that will teach you multiple digital art skills like compositing, painting, coloring, and more.

And it’s created by the people at Photoshop  CAFE, one of the most popular online destinations for learning Photoshop.

This tutorial is from the founder himself, Colin Smith. In this engaging video course you get expert Photoshop compositing tips. It makes you follow step-by-step instructions as Colin creates a gorgeous digital painting from compositing multiple photos together.

The main purpose of this tutorial is to get you comfortable working with layers, masks, coloring, and compositing.

Although the techniques within are somewhat advanced, Colin does a great job of making it easy for anyone to grasp the material within. With that in mind, you’ll get more out of this tutorial if you’re an intermediate Photoshop user.

Note: Photoshop CC & Photoshop CS6 are required. Older versions of PS can work, but some features will not be available.

photoshop compositing tips
photoshop compositing tips

Go step by step through the creative process.

You will learn how to combine different photos together to create a piece of art in Photoshop. What I liked learning from this tutorial was the multiple ways of extracting photos from the background and then how to blend them all together in a way that makes the photo look realistic.

The course starts by teaching you exactly how to combine photos to build up the background. You’ll be taught basic painting techniques to help you get a unique look. Custom brushes are supplied in this section.

We will then extract the model from her background and retouch her. We’ll place the model into the scene and add sharpening and colorization.

Then you’ll learn how to add finishing touches like atmosphere, cinematic coloring, and lighting.

In the entire tutorial, you’ll get expert photoshop compositing tips from Colin that can be applied for effective results.

Who is Colin Smith?

Colin Smith is the founder of PhotoshopCAFE, one of the most popular online destinations for learning Photoshop and digital imaging (over 30 million visitors).   His passion for digital imaging caused him to rise quickly into Senior Creative positions.

He traded his corner office for the entrepreneurs’ life as a commercial artist with an esteemed client list that includes Satcchi & Satcchi, Proctor & Gamble, Disney, Toyo Tires, Microsoft, David Lee Roth, and several Hollywood entertainment companies.

What’s inside this course?

A step by step, a multiple-hour course for Photoshop CC and CS6. 12 lessons with digital files included. IN this course you’ll learn –

  • How to composite multiple images together to create one
  • Use colorization techniques to create a gorgeous photo
  • Multiple techniques to extract a model from the background
  • Finish with a fun  project that will help you get better in the digital darkroom
  • Essential Photoshop compositing tips and techniques used by professional artist

*For free photoshop compositing tips check out this article

Ready to practice your compositing skills?

Grab this amazing tutorial and learn how to create digital art from combining multiple images together.


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