12 Artistic Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Scripts

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Author: Pencil Pixels

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Photoshop action scripts truly open up a wealth of opportunities to create unique images.

The right scripts allow you to create images that would otherwise require hours of detailed labor.

It’s easy to snap a photo, but drawings offer a special originality and personalization.

You love the idea of transforming your photography into vibrant and unique sketches or caricatures. But who has the time for that?

It can take hours simply to learn how to sketch people or to recreate textures with crayon or pencil.

And while PhotoShop action scripts offer some excellent potential for creating beautiful pencil drawings without the hours of extra work, you have to be sure that you’ve chosen the right one.

Some action scripts yield images that look flat, inauthentic, obviously fake.

Others offer a high quality result, but may only to produce a specific effect. And if you love caricatures and rough drawing effects as much as we do.

You’ll eventually get tired of recreating the same kind of image over and over again.

Create The Drawing Effects You Always Wanted

PhotoWhoa presently is offering two amazing PhotoShop action script collections to give your images the exact customized look that you’ve been craving.

The Rough Color Drawing script instantly turns photos into colored drawings by removing areas of density and tone.

There are endless ways to experiment with this script. Try adding a mask to the effect layer to combine the rough drawing with parts of the real photo. Or desaturate the color layers for a Black and White effect.

In addition, the Color Caricature script offers 8 different effects in one multi-file. These make it possible for you to do just about anything, whether it’s to produce a masterpiece of authentically smudged color or an image that precisely resembles a gorgeous oil painting. You can customize the effect by changing the visibility or opacity of the resulting layers.

Both scripts can be used effectively with a variety of images, including portraits and landscapes. But the results are most dramatic and vivid when used with images that have a large colorful space.

The scripts are compatible with Photoshop CS through CS6, on Mac and Windows, and do not require any plugins. The Scripts use the core technology of Photoshop’s layers, modes and filters.

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9 Unique Effects In One Package

This package contains all the Photoshop action scripts you need to transform your photos into original drawings and paintings.

There are two Photoshop scripts:

  • Rough Color Drawing
  • Color Caricature

Rough Drawing script includes 4 effects:

  • Light – The light rough drawing effect
  • Styled – Gives stylized look
  • Textured – The textured effect with slightly desaturated style
  • Dark – The dark drawing gives darker shaed of color

Color Caricature script includes 8 effects:

  • Crayon – The playfully colorful look of a crayon drawing.
  • Heavy Crayon – With firm, vibrant lines and hues.
  • Color Caricature – A fun, colorful drawing.
  • Soft Color Caricature – Soft and gentle shades added to a pencil drawing.
  • Smooth Color Caricature – Gently blended colors liven up a drawing.
  • Smudge Color Caricature – Colors delicately smudged like an old-fashioned oil painting.
  • Black and White – A simple but dramatic pencil sketch.
  • Draw Caricature – A drawing that playfully captures your subject as a caricature

The Ultimate Collection Amazing Photoshop Action Scripts

creative photography bundle

Take A Look At The Color Caricature Effects Below

Crayon Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts crayon

Heavy Crayon Caricature Effect

Color Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts color

Soft Color Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts soft color

Smooth Color Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts smooth color

Smudge Color Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts smudge color

Black & White Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts bandw

Draw Caricature Effect

photoshop action scripts draw

The perfect Photoshop action scripts to transform your photos

If you’ve ever yearned to create photographic images that look exactly as if you spent hours with pencils and crayons, this is your best chance.

These scripts give you all the variety and versatility you need to produce beautiful pencil sketch images with just a few clicks.

You will not find any other Photoshop action scripts that fit the purpose so precisely. With so many fun effects to play with, you’ll certainly never get bored.

And whether you’re a professional artist or just having fun, you can create results that look much more authentic than any other digitally created drawing effects out there.

Just think what your friends and family will think when presented with a vivid pencil drawing as a gift. Or you can upload the images to your website to show off your unique work to potential clients.

And best of all, you can achieve these eye-catching effects at a price that is well within any photographer’s budget, even the most frugal.

But you should act as soon as possible, because this incredible deal won’t last long.

photoshop action scripts rough

Take a look at Rough Drawing script effects

photoshop action scripts rough1
photoshop action scripts rough3
photoshop action scripts rough4
photoshop action scripts rough5

Features & Tech Specs

  • Bundle of 2 Photoshop action scripts – Carricature(8 effects) and Rough Drawing
  • Applicable to Photoshop (versions: CS5.5 through Creative Cloud 2020) and Adobe Elements (versions: Versions 14  to 19)
  • Operating systems: Mac OS X and Windows
  • Can be used with different image types
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Mac OS and Windows

How To Use These Photoshop Scripts

  • Open an image in Photoshop or Elements.
  • In Photoshop, you select the script through the drop-down Photoshop menu File >> Scripts >> Browse… and select the script from the folder you’ve stored it in.
  • In Elements, select ‘Expert Mode’ then select the script through the menu File >> Open (and in the dialog box select ‘Enable all documents’) then select the script from the folder you’ve stored it in. Select the script through the menu item, as above, or Drag the script onto the app’s icon.
  • A drop-down menu box will let you select a Charcoal style.
  • You can choose from available styles.
  • You can further customize the look of any of the art styles.
  • You also have the ability to increase or decrease the intensity of outlines, tones, density, and even color and texture.
  • Also, there is one additional dropdown selection in the menu ‘Output All available Styles to JPG’. This will allow you to export your image with all art styles as JPGs. It will create the art layers and then ask you to select or create a folder to store the sample images in. It will then output the JPG files the same size as the original image.

Grab these Photoshop action scripts today to transform your photography forever.


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2 reviews for 12 Artistic Color Caricature & Rough Drawings Photoshop Scripts

  1. NinoMalo

    I am a writer, but I am not an artist. These scripts provide me with the skill to produce my own illustrations for my books, from photographs, savings me hundreds of dollars an artist. I couldn’t be happier. EndNote: I have never been disappointed with any order from PhotoWhoa. These scripts are no exceptions.

  2. [email protected]

    These scripts are awesome and have been giving me endless joy!

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