200+ Premium Photoshop Actions Vol. 2

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Sold By: Marc Shorb

Make stunning happen in one click. Speed up your photography workflow with these Photoshop Actions.

photography Photoshop Actions Mouseover the image above to see the “after” photo using Faux HDR

Editing photos sometimes feels more like a chore than anything else. That’s why using Photoshop actions seems so obvious to me. Sometimes you need that quick, reliable, and effective boost. Seriously, why not speed up your workflow?

And I know the world’s filled with Photoshop actions. There are – literally – millions of them out there. But I believe some of best come from They’ll go beyond just adding useless colors and sparkles. They’ll actually help you. Plus, they’re original and will work on all types of photos.

With 200+ actions, you’ll have tons of choices. Whether you want something sophisticated and classy or something edgy and in your face, you’ll get the best and most reliable actions out there. Actions for fashion photography, for weddings, for portraits, for selfies – anything, really.

It’s true that Photoshop actions are either hit or miss. Most don’t do anything special, but the ones that do – they amaze. These 214 actions will prove their worth. They’re really good-looking and ingeniously creative. Remember to mouse over these images to see the before/afters.

What actions will you be getting in this package?

In total you’ll be getting 205 premium Photoshop actions contained within 14 different action sets. Below are the sets you’ll be getting. Remember to mouseover the images to see the before/after.


photography Cinema_before

Color Pop
photography Colorpop_before

Cross Process 2
photography Crossprocess_before

Soft & Light
photography Softlight_before

Vintage vol 4
photography Vintage4_before

Split Toning
photography Splittone_before

Faux HDR 2
photography Hdr_before

Summer Haze
photography Summerhaze_before


Vintage Light Leaks
photography Vintage_before

Black & White 2
photography Bw_before

Vintage Dream
photography Vintagedream_before


photography Winter_before



  • 200+ Photoshop actions sorted into 14 unique action sets
  • Non-destructive, one-click, editable, seamless.
  • Very simple to customize. You’ll be able to adjust the intensities and properties.
  • Easy to install. Instructions included. You’ll have actions almost as soon as you finish downloading.
  • Speed up your workflow. Make stunning happen in one-click.

Note: CS4 or above is required for these Photoshop actions to work.


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