Photographer’s Kitchen Photoshop Actions Bundle

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Photoshop actions to make your portrait photography pop

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If you take portraits then you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to edit your photos. Even if you spend a ton of time messing around in Photoshop, sometimes you still can’t get great results. Luckily, these photoshop actions from Photographer’s Kitchen will simplify the process for you.

This set of actions focuses exclusively on portraiture so you know that all 29 amazing actions will be useful in your post-processing workflow. You’ll be able to quickly sharpen faces, brighten eyes, smooth skin, make colors stand out, and make other common edits within Photoshop.

Actions can be used for Adobe Photoshop CS through CS5.

Training videos teach you how to use Photoshop actions the right way

While actions can speed up your workflow tremendously, they do still require a little bit of skill to use. That’s where the training videos come in. Photographer’s Kitchen gives you a video for every single action that they make, which makes it much easier for you to see how to effectively use them.

With proper explanations for each action, you’ll be able to unlock the full creative potential that these actions have to offer. The videos explains each action in-depth, and also shows you how to incorporate these photoshop actions into your workflow.

Posing Guide for Seniors

Taking senior portraits is a popular business nowadays for photographers. If you’re interested in this lucrative field, then Photographers Kitchen has the posing guides to help you succeed. But even if you don’t want to shoot senior portraits, these posing guides will provide you inspirational poses for other types of portraiture.

Included in this package are 50 posing cards which tell you how to direct your models and relevant information about lighting and camera settings. Get this posing guide and Photoshop actions to enhance your portrait photography today!

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