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Photo overlays for every mood and season

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Author: Dmytro Yarish

Powerful. Versatile. Easy to use.

These are all the qualities a professional photographer wants in a collection of photo overlays.

We all know that the effects you choose can make or break an image.

When you want to produce photography that has the authentic look of a professional, only the best will do.

The atmosphere, the colors, the light…it all has to be perfectly calibrated to your artistic vision.

If anything seems the least bit off (too bright, too bland, too busy, etc.), it can mark you as an amateur.

Is this easy? Not at all.

That’s why you need state-of-the-art tools…but preferably not for state-of-the-art prices.

Is this even possible? It is now.

One Bundle…Zero Limits

With 2500 different overlays, you can achieve any effect, any time.

These overlays are organized into 30 amazing categories. So that you can easily locate whatever effect you may have in mind.

● 420 Light Leaks Photo Overlays
● 185 Rain Photo Overlays
● 120+ Grunge Photo Overlays
● 120 Film Burn & Grain Photo Overlays
● 120 Colorful Bokeh Photo Overlays
● 117 Retro Summer Photo Overlays
● 110+ Film Grain Light Leaks Overlays
● 105 Summer Breeze Photo Overlays
● 100 Realistic Snow Photo Overlays
● 100 Abstract Waves Photo Overlays
● 80s Retro Wave Photo Overlays
● 78 Vintage Look Photo Overlays
● 70 Bokeh Stars Photo Overlays
● 57 Old Paper Texture Photo Overlays
● 50 Summer Light Leaks Photo Overlays
● 50 Rainbow Bokeh Photo Overlays
● 50 Fog Photo Overlays
● 50 Cosmic Bokeh Photo Overlays
● 40+ Motion Lights Photo Overlays
● 34 Old Film Light Leaks Photo Overlays
● 30 Abstract Shapes Photo Overlays
● 22 Summer Bokeh Photo Overlays
● 12 Sunbeams Photo Overlays

The bundle also includes 500 brand new overlays to make you stand out from the crowd.

● 160 Colored Smoke Photo Overlays
● 100 Fantasy Photo Overlays
● 70 Dust Photo Overlays
● 60 Magic Photo Overlays
● 30 Bubbles Photo Overlays
● And an additional 80 unique and amazing overlays

But it’s not just the variety of effects that you’ll love.

It’s all the things you can do with them.

Here are just a few ideas.

● Use different combinations of overlays for truly creative looks.
● Try using a duplicate of the overlay layer for a brighter effect.
● Change the color of an overlay using the “Hue/saturation” feature.

And that’s just a tiny taste of all the fun tricks that are available to you with this incredible bundle.


  • All the files are in JPEG format
  • Overlays work with any version of photoshop.
  • Overlays can be used in any application that allows the user to work with layers and change the blending mode of layers.
  • Overlays do not work in the lightroom.

How-To-Use Guide

With your photo open in Photoshop, you can follow these steps:

  • Select the overlay to add to the image by going to File -> Place Embedded
  • Select overlay source (the image being used as an overlay)
  • Resize/reposition to fit as needed and apply changes
  • Change Blend Mode to Screen or Overlay or any else.
  • Adjust opacity as desired


  • Add Layer Mask
  • Select Brush Tool
  • Use a black brush to brush the overlay off areas where you do not want the overlay (adjusting brush opacity as desired)

Checkout Some Preview Images Of The Included Categories

photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays
photo overlays

Photo Overlays For Every Occasion

No matter how genuinely talented you may be, photographers are only as great as the tools they use.

So if you feel limited by the overlays and effects currently available to you, then now is the time to make a change.

Because let’s face it. Without the best photo overlays, it’s tough to get your images out of the realm of the mediocre.

It’s one thing if this is just a hobby, a way to have some fun in your free time.

But if you want to really get serious about photography, to make your work stand out in the crowded professional arena, you’ll need to do something differently.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on expensive equipment. You can spend hours, even days, in post-production trying to produce the right effects.

Or you can pick up this bundle.

Your results will be fast, simple and powerful.

photo overlays

Not to mention, you’ll actually be having fun experimenting and trying out all the creative possibilities.

With a little creativity, you can produce effects that can’t fail to make your audience take a second look.

Imagine for a moment what you could create with these effects! Your professional website and social media pages will explode with powerful, vibrant images.

And because these overlays are so easy to use, you can produce more stunning images in less time.

Best of all, these are available immediately after purchase as a digital download for just $29

That’s a small price to pay for access to the most powerful and versatile photo overlays on the market.

Download These Photo Overlays Today To Create Captivating Images Forever.

29 reviews for 2500+ Professional Photo Overlays Bundle

  1. Bengt Korswing

    The products are amazing. I am considering going full time with my photography in the near future because of the great software. Thank you!

  2. [email protected]

    I recently purchased this overlay bundle. Very impressed with the wide variety of overlay styles ! Have already used the smoke overlay ! Looking forward to trying them all !!
    Barry H

  3. [email protected]

    just used them in overlays in photoshop,great bundle plenty of catagories of designs to use in many ways.Well worth it

  4. [email protected]

    You’ve done a great job. I expect good fun with this overlays!

  5. James Porupski

    These are great quality overlays and are alot fun to play with !

  6. Thugzo

    Love the quality of these overlays. Will definitely recommend these to my friends!

  7. dynamick

    What a fantastic piece of kit. It’ll add so much creativity to my photography and I will have so much fun trying them all out!

  8. [email protected]

    Nice overlays, i like the Fog and Sunbeams . Worth the price, good quality as always.

  9. [email protected]

    Just purchased the 2500 PS Overlays. Well worth the price. Outstanding quality.

  10. [email protected]

    I purchased the 2500+ Photo Overlays Bundle and couldn’t be happier with it. High quality overlays and an excellent deal for the money!

  11. [email protected]

    Highly impressed with the quality and content of this deal, well worth purchasing.

  12. Petra

    Awesome bundle, very well organized so it’s easy to find the right overlay.

  13. Wade

    Excellent set of overlays that helped me boost my creativity with my photos.

  14. noreen

    Great overlays in this package, really looking toward to creating many more photos!
    Great Job PhotoWhoa!

  15. HHarris

    Honestly, I haven’t used it much since purchase but what I used was great. The only problem is there is so many options to choose from, yes they are well categorized, one may tend to just browse the options for hours.

  16. [email protected]

    Very good and easy to use overlays, highly recommended.

  17. SergeH

    I recently purchased this product and all I can say is the photo overlays are stunning awsome.
    Deze overlays gekocht en ze zijn geweldig.

  18. [email protected]

    I recently purchased this product and all I can say is this is an amazing set of photo overlays.

  19. [email protected]

    Buono rapporto qualità prezzo sto sperimentando le sovrapposizioni con buoni risultati

  20. Martin

    I am very happy with this overlays. I used them very often.

  21. Dane

    I recently purchased this product and all I can say is this is an amazing set of photo overlays. Found a so so photo in your collection? Take one of these photo overlays and convert it to amazing in one click. Don’t pass this offer up you’ll be sorry

  22. Ian Dodd

    The 2500 Text Overlays Bundle exceeded my every expectation. A must for the energetic & exploring mind of all photographers. Simply stunning results.

  23. [email protected]

    Just purchased the Beauty Brush Bundle, great value.

  24. [email protected]

    This has made such a difference with editing my photos in Affinity Photo. Excellent overlays and I cant wait to see what else your site offers!! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to add that extra touch to your photos!

  25. sspeights

    Incredible package, I have not used overlays in the past, this package has so many that I plan on using often, like snow, fog and rain to just name a few.

  26. [email protected]

    Excellent overlays bundle, I will be making very good use of them. Thank you.

  27. Steve

    Nice Bundle. Have used some of the actions. Very nice with the blend modes. will recommend buying them.

  28. Jon

    Just bought the overlays bundle and have already used them… wide variety for endless various uses with the blend modes in Photoshop.

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