Mastering Outdoor Nudes – Beginner to Pro

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Author: Dan Hostettler

What Does The Mastering Outdoor Nudes Cover?

Mastering Outdoor Nudes is a video tutorial, showcasing six real-world outdoor photo shoots created in public spaces while coping with ever-changing weather conditions.

An accompanying eBook comprehensively covers everything you need to know about shooting nudes outdoor plus all the results created during the shooting challenge.

• You, your model, and one strobe – that’s all it takes.
• Shooting at any outdoor location: Inspiration & contingency plans.
• Being prepared to shoot flexible, lean, and fast.
• Utilizing natural light only.
• Combining natural light with one strobe.
• Shooting various genres in just one day.

outdoor nude photography


Challenge Yourself. Create Stunning Results!

Outdoor location shooting offers many opportunities and even more challenges. When the nudity aspect is thrown in, it makes it even more interesting. It doesn’t matter what location you choose – anything goes.

The Shoot On The Run principle will challenge you creatively and push you outside your comfort zone. That’s a wonderful thing because you will reach unknown creative heights!

outdoor nude photography

What You Will Get


• Outdoor Nudes In Public Spaces
• Suitable For Glamour-, Artistic-, Landscape-, & Portrait Nudes
• Coping With All Sorts Of Weather Conditions
• Production Planning
• Model Directions On Spot
• Natural Lighting: Natural Light Only, Mixed Lighting
• 1 Strobe: Strobe As Key Light, Strobe As Fill-In Light
• Poses: Artistic, Glamour, Dance, Jumps
• 6 All-Inclusive Creative Showcases
• Observation & Education

eBook Specs

• 115 Pages strong eWorkbook
• Over 210 Tasteful Artistic Nude Images
• Over 220 Behind The Scenes Images
• Immediate Download

Video Docutorial Specs

• 6 Films
• 100 min Total Runtime
• 1080p FullHD
• For All Android Tablets & Phones, iProducts, PC & Mac
• Immediate Download

outdoor nude photography

About the Authors

Dan Hostettler is a Swiss-born solopreneur, photographer, and author, based in Prague, Czech Republic. He has been a successful Sexy Women Photographer for the last 15 years and counting. His major fields of creativity are: shooting glam, tease and commercial nudes.

Dan was internationally published and featured in GQ Online, The India Times, FashionONE TV, FOTOdigital, FotoTV Germany, and the Good Light Magazine amongst many others.

Stephen Wong is a professional photographer from Sydney, Australia. Accredited by the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers in 2015, Stephen recently won the Nudes on TAP 2016 portraiture prize, which is part of the annual Head On Photo Festival held in Sydney, one of the largest photographic festivals in the world. Winning the award has inspired Stephen to shoot with more confidence and to be less afraid of taking artistic risks.

What Others Are Saying…

“I have been watching your six-part “Shoot on the Run: Outdoor Nudes” videos, which are tremendously helpful, informative and fun — thank you for producing them! I have shot outdoor nudes several times myself, but only with a Speedlight attached to the camera, so I am especially interested in the lighting setup that Stephen Wong brought to your shoot with Taliah Campbell. The whole program has been excellent. So again, thank you both, and happy shooting!”Bill, AZ/USA

“Hello. I just finished watching “Shoot on the run,” and not only enjoyed your approach to your work with your model, but I also learned quite a lot regarding outdoor nude shoots, such as time constraints, strobes, settings, location, weather, gear, and creativity. You seem like a pretty cool guy and your down to earth interaction with your viewers made it an all more enjoyable experience. Thanks, Stephen.”Hector, USA

Capture Amazing Outdoor Nude Photography At Any Location!


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6 reviews for Mastering Outdoor Nudes – Beginner to Pro

  1. Manolo Constante

    It seems to me a very good book of learning, from the bases to the most complex

  2. J Constante

    It seems to me a very good book of learning, from the bases to the most complex

  3. Gary Brown

    This ebook was extremely informative and would recommend it to other photographers in their pursuit of better photos.

  4. Gary Brown

    This book was extremely helpful in lighting and working with models

  5. Patrick Early

    The materials and the instructions were easy to follow. Well worth the price for both the technical information and the inspiration.

  6. Ken

    The instructions wee easy to follow with simple instructions. The course will make you a more professional artist behind the lens and be able to put your models at ease during the dhoot.

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