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2 Phenomenal Photography Courses To Master Life’s Best Moments

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Author: Bernie Raffe

One Bundle, Two Great Courses

Are you looking for online photography courses that meet your needs? It’s not easy, is it?

Most online photography courses and tutorials seem too carefully orchestrated, too perfect. The models don’t look like real people. The situations seem artificial. In short, the examples used in these lessons don’t much resemble the realities you find in your own daily experiences.

Besides that, they often use advanced photographer jargon that intimidates rather than invites. After all, you’re not in this to produce professional fashion photos. 

Online Photography Courses
Online Photography Course

You just want to capture some of the most memorable times in people’s lives. Weddings, birth announcements, family life. These are moments that pulsate with life, offering all kinds of unexpectedly touching candid scenes that you yearn to capture with your camera.

But although you have a good eye for observing and recognizing such moments, no one has ever taught you how to translate them into lasting images.

The best wedding and family photography does not look posed or contrived. Rather, it takes a beautiful candid moment & captures it forever.

But while the end result might look natural, capturing these photos requires careful attention.

 You have to understand the intricacies of lighting, posing, and camera angles. 

Even more importantly, you have to know the magic formula to anticipate these moments before they happen.

Is that really something that can be learned? Only with the right teacher and the right courses.

Portrait Photography

Photography Skills For Capturing Life’s Great Moments

 Topics Covered In These 2 Phenomenal Courses:

1. Creative Portraiture

  • Course Introduction
  • Understand the Fundamental Portrait Lighting Patterns
  • Best Camera and Lens Settings for Portraits 
  • Beautiful Portraits Using Window Light
  • Location Sessions in a Rural Environment
  • Location Sessions in an Urban Environment
  • Topshade and Dramatic Light
  • Expressions and Posing Discussions
  • Families and Children – Live Sessions in the Park
  • Maternity Photography
  • On-Camera Flash
  • Off-Camera Flash
Rainy Day Portrait
Wedding Ceremony Photos

2. Wedding Photography

  • Course Introduction 
  • Bride Getting Ready – When the Bride First Arrives, the Bride Applying Makeup, Doing Up the Bride’s Dress, Bride Walking Down Stairs, etc.
  • The Ceremony – Photographing The Wedding Rings, Groom’s First Sight of Bride, Wedding Moments etc.
  • After the Ceremony – Bride And Groom Standing in Church Doorway, Formal Photos of the Bride Informal Photos of the Groom, The Groom and His Best Man
  • The Reception – First Drinks at the Reception, Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, the Bouquet and the Bride & More
  • Course Conclusion

A Sneak Peak Into Creative Portraiture Course

Family Shoot
Online Photography Courses
Online Photography Tutorial
Portrait Poster

A Sneak Peak Into The Wedding Photography Course

Wedding Cake Shot
Bride Photos
Wedding Photography
Bride Portrait

Raving Reviews For These Photography Courses

Online Photography Courses For Real Life

The photography courses in this convenient bundle provide everything you need to know to capture memorable moments in the lives of real people.

Nowhere else will you find such a wealth of valuable information on making these moments shine in your photography.

In layman’s language and using real-life examples, Raffe offers instructions that even a novice can implement right away.

These insights come from over a decade of experience in wedding, maternity and family photography. But you don’t have to spend a decade learning them.

Bride Photoshoot
Maternity Shoot

Instead, everything you need to know is condensed into these brief, simple video lessons. You can watch them at your leisure and go back to them as many times as you want.

Learn the ins and outs of using window light properly. Learn how to make every detail of a wedding stand out, even the bride’s dress, shoes and makeup. 

And much, much more through this online photography courses. Besides practical advice like this, you’ll also learn some more abstract skills that are harder to get from an instructor.

Like how to anticipate that moment when the best man gazes reflectively at his written speech in a quiet moment. Or that moment when the bride looks excitedly out of a car window as she pulls up to the church.

These are moments that your subjects never want to forget. And you get the privileged task of capturing them for posterity. And with these online photography courses, you won’t let them down.

Right now, you can get both courses for one low price of $29, a deal as stunning as a happy bride…especially because it’s almost a $20 discount from its original selling price.

Wedding Photo

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