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Ideation To Sale | 7 Videos & More By Dan Hostettler On Nude Photography

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Sold By: Dan Hostettler


You guys loved our complete series of 7 videos at the price of 1, we are adding a bonus product to it & stripping down the price!

Here are the topics that Dan covers in this bundle:

        • “Contemporary Allure”, covering creative, tempting and striking nude women portraiture that capture emotions.
        • “World Of Posing” Beginners course for glamour, artistic nudes.
        • “Fashion Inspired Nude Photography” Sexual Appeal with classic fashion taste.
        • “Charming Feminity” Is a Boudoir, Lingerie & Editorial Segment.
        • “Mastering One Light Only”  Add drama with 1 light, play with lights and shadows on your model’s body and face.
        • “2 Girl’s Glory”  Artistic Nude Concept with 2 sisters
        • “Melisa Mendini Nude Photo Shoot”  Glam & More: Lighting, Posing & Concepts
        • “What For? On Budget”  Spectacular results in limited resources
        • “Speedlights Only”  Gear & Lighting Designs broken down to simple steps
        • “Substantially UNIQUE”  Dan’s Personality, Methodology + Implementation
        • “Useful Indicators” 
        • “& More” 
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nude photography tips

This bundle has some crucial basics in common:

  • Limited Indoor Spaces: The shoots will happen in a cozy relaxed atmosphere, no big studio show. It’s a down-to-earth format, like shooting at your home.
  • Gear Does Not Make Your Photo: Evoke emotions, rely on your heart – and use affordable gear.
  • Hobby to Pro: Concepts suitable for shooting with your girlfriend/wife, beginner to pro models + ordinary female clients (!).
  • Fast Track Learning: To-the-point. Quick wins. No endless shows, No waste of time.
nude model photography
nude photography tips

What Does This Bundle Include:

1. Contemporary Allure – Portrait Nudes

Dan Hostettler’s course for creating nude portraiture that captures your emotions.

  • Opener and intro speech
  • Set-1 romantic and fresh – shoot
  • Set-2 B&W spark diva – shoot
  • Set-3 silky-glam – shoot
  • Q+A outro
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nude model photography1

2. Fashion Inspired Nude Photography

How do we create nude photography that combines sexual appeal with classic fashion tastes? This webinar by Dan Hostettler reveals his top secrets.

  • Opener and intro speech
  • Set 1 ‘slice of light
  • Set 2 ‘body lines’
  • Set 3 ‘posinge etude’- shoot
  • Q+A outro

3. Live Reply: ‘Boudoir Photography & Beyond’

Charming femininity: Classical boudoir, a portraiture sequence & a touch of fetish

  • Opener and intro speech
  • Set-1 classical boudoir – shoot
  • Set-2 portraiture – shoot
  • Set-3 beyond boudoir – shoot
  • Q+A outro
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nude model photography 4

4. The Melisa Mendini Nude Photoshop

Glamour & nude photography portraits to revamp the fashion industry.

  • Basic nude photography concepts
  • Various lighting setups – 1 light: Lots of options, 2 lights & 1 reflector, 3 lights
  • Working with gels to get a unique look
  • Full walkthroughs inside nude photoshoots
  • Gear used by Dan
  • Full Q&A segment

5. Mastering 1-Light

You’ll get the secrets to using only one light source, but combining it with: composition, framing, styling, posing, and image.

  • Learn to compose creative, impactful imagery for a broad range of use
  • Nuts & bolts in form of actionable advice
  • Genres of artistic nudes & nude portraiture
  • Set “sensual”
  • Set “dramatic”
  • Set “passion”
  • Shaping the human form & expressions with just 1 light
  • Building the shoot: Easy to follow step-by-step guidance
  • Simplified tech. Impactful results.
  • Internationally published art nude model Amy Heather
  • 2 Photographers on set: Dan Hostettler & Cam Attree
  • Q&A segment with the crew & more…
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nude model photography 6

6. The World Of Posing

  • How to communicate with the model and get her at ease
  • Shooting various candid photos prior to getting into your desired poses
  • Posing specific body parts — Hips, arms, legs, feet, shoulders, hands, wrists, face, mouth, lips,
  • With different positions — standing, gazing, sitting, kneeling, leaning, reclining, side back, teasing versus figurative…
  • Posing for different genres – starters, glam nudes, and class / fine-art nudes

7. Artistic Nude Photography

2 Girls’ glory: Voyeuristic portraiture, bodyscapes, abstract nude art

  • Opener and intro speech
  • Set-1 les-muses – shoot
  • Set-2 bodyscapes – shoot
  • Set-3 abstract passion – shoot
  • Q+A outro
nude photography bundle4

PLUS BONUS – Creative Nude Photography On A Budget

12 Photo Concepts, Simple Gear, Impactful Lighting, Easy Posing, Making Money


  • Creative Styles for Classic Art/Figurative Nudes, Experimental Nudes, Artistic Nudes, Glam Nudes, Portraits Nudes
  • How to Shoot In Minimal Space/Your Home but Still Get Astonishing Results
  • Building the Shoot: Every Showcase is broken down into Idea Development, Concept Creation, Lighting Design, 3D Lighting Setup, Posing Aspects, Specific Specialties, and Post-Processing
  • 1-Light, 2-Light, 3-Light Setups, incl. 2D Set Plans
  • 350 Pages strong eWorkbook (PDF)
  • Practical Knowledge Part: Dan’s Insights & Recommendations
  • Showcase Part: 12 All-Inclusive Creative Blueprints
  • Over 300 Tasteful Artistic Nude Images
  • Over 650 Behind The Scenes & Illustrative Images
  • Over 100 Premium 3D Illustrations
  • 12 Light Pattern Analyses & 2D Set Plans
  • 2 Art Nude Models: Hanna (CAN) & Nikola (CEZ)

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You, Will, Get Essential, Insights & Dan’s Methods

If you want to become a master of nude photography, Dan’s bundle will make your life easier. With more creativity comes better photography.

Dan will help unlock your creative mind and help turn your work into a classy masterpiece.

Get it all in one extremely low priced bundle:

✓ Boudoir, Glamour, Art Nudes, Portrait Nudes, Fashion Nudes

✓ Lighting Blueprints (1-/2-/3-/ 4-Light Setups)

✓ Posing 101 & Advanced Strategies

✓ Complete Shooting Concepts

✓ Makeup, Styling & Mood Concepts

✓ Working in Tight Spaces

✓ Working in Studio

✓ Speedlights, Studio Strobes, DIY

✓ Endless Real-World Insights & Secrets

✓ Q+A Sessions

✓ Education, Inspiration, Entertainment

✓ 9 Models

✓ 60 Films (split)

✓ 15 Hours in Total

✓ 1080p FullHD

✓ For All Android Devices, iOS Products, PC & Mac

✓ 7 Shooting Notebooks

BONUS: Bundle Of Creative Nudes On A Budget

Get All This At An Even Lower Price!

Learn Nude & Glamour Photography From The Best In The Industry.

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