Complete Set-up for your Nude & Glamour Photography

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Author: Dan Hostettler

You want to be at the cutting edge. Making glamour & nude images unlike anybody else. So let’s not waste time. How do you get there?
You need 3 major things to achieve that – The Lighting, The Pose & The Expression.

If you can get all the 3 right, you just step away from the main league.

Do you want to get there NOW? Because today we have the best pick for you. All the 3 essentials combined in 1 Ultimate Pack –

  1. Studio Lighting For Sexy Women Photographers
  2. Fashion Inspired Nude & Glamour Poses
  3. Expressive Glamour & Nude Photography E-Book Bundle

Studio Lighting For Sexy Women Photographers

With this eBook, you’ll learn more about light than you ever had previously. From the theory of color to how light falls, to the grip stands and light modifiers, you’re going to grasp a precise understanding of light. The guide divides its focus into five areas: Understanding the Basics of Light, Getting the Basics Right, Studio Lighting Equipment, Lighting Showcase, and Challenge Yourself.


  • 280 pages to learning the sexiest light for nude photographers
  • 15 lighting setups broken down so you can use them immediately
  • Bonus: 14 light-setting files included with a trial


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glamour boudoir photography - 2

Fashion Inspired Nude & Glamour Poses Bundle

If you’re stuck with the same old poses and don’t know how to improve your direction, then these 2 ebooks will help you learn the simple techniques and methods that professionals use to get the best out of their models.

Fashion Nude & Glamour Poses ebook bundle includes over 300 poses and over 200 pages about freeing your photography from stale, tired poses and achieving spontaneity and fashion-like flair for your glamour photography.

You’ll learn the art and process to mastering exceptionally high-end posing.


Expressive Nude & Glamour Boudoir Photography E-Book Bundle


This glamour boudoir photography book is all about your model’s face. And although it’s called Facial Expressions for Nude Modeling, the lessons learned here will benefit any glamour or portrait photographer.

That’s because this really delves into the nitty gritty of arguably the most important part of your photo: her face.

There are ways to improve the pose in every aspect of her face — her eyes, lips, hands… even her nose.


glamour boudoir photography - 006

Grab this combo and get set for your nude & glamour photo shoot

1 review for Complete Set-up for your Nude & Glamour Photography

  1. Guillaume Giordanino

    If you’re into nude photography, this is a great course to buy

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