Fashion Forward Neoprene Camera Strap from iMo

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Show Off Your Personal Style with an Eye-Catching Neoprene Camera Strap

neoprene Camera Strap

Are you walking around with the same boring ol’ camera strap?

Sure your strap might be functional, but it’s not fabulous. Spice up your camera fashion and stand out from the other run-of-the-mill photographers. Sport a bold, colorful Neoprene camera strap from iMo Strap, and you’ll have people raving about your cool looking strap.

These Neoprene camera straps are individually handmade and created with excellent quality materials. The straps are made with neoprene for shoulder-friendliness, top-quality leather, and other fine materials. They are built to last regardless of how much weight you strap around your neck (up to 55 kg). Each strap features an easy-squeeze quick release.

There are limited qualities of each color, so make sure you purchase them now before we run out. All straps include free shipping internationally.

Available colors: Violet Diamond, Blue Puzzle, Pure Black (you’ll choose at checkout).

neoprene Thumb_pureblack neoprene Thumb_bluepuzzle neoprene Thumb_violetdiamond

(See more strap styles at iMo Strap) Strap Specs:

  • Total Length: Adjustable length 45.5 — 55.5 inches
  • Fashion part: Around 29.5 inches
  • Width: Around 1.6 inches
  • Nylon Webbing: 13 inches on each end
  • The ends of the strap is made of leather. Leather color may vary.
  • Holds up to 55 kg of weight (more than you’ll ever need)

Free shipping of  Neoprene Camera Strap to all countries is included with your order. Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery (products are shipped from Asia).


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