Seeing the Light + Understanding Post-Processing

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What’s the one skill that sets professional photographers apart from the rest? by Understanding Post-Processing?

Great photographers hone their art for years and dedicate countless hours to getting the perfect shot. This helps them develop the unique skill of knowing exactly what to look for in a photo – a skill that others simply don’t have.

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Prolific travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich is the perfect example of this: after traveling from villages to volcanos for years creating photos, his work is extraordinary. You can directly benefit from his years of hard-earned experience by reading Mitchell’s books, where he takes you through exactly how he approaches the process of making a great image. Apply his insights to your own work and immediately start creating stunning and impactful photos that take the viewer’s breath away.

Seeing the Light


You spot a breathtaking scene, whip out your camera, and excitedly capture the image forever. But wait! How come it looks so flat on the screen? Since a camera’s dynamic range is so much lower than the eye’s, the ability to harness light is essential to making fantastic photos. In Seeing the Light, Mitchell gives you this ability by showing you a new way to think about lighting – one that will improve every single photo you take.

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With Mitchell’s in-depth examples and lighting charts, you’ll see how to set up your shot to maximize lighting effectiveness. Learn exactly how to use different types of light to add drama, show depth, and make your photos stand out.

“Where it really shines though is how he uses diagrams to explain his incredible results…. I wanted to know exactly how he got the image on the cover. I wasn’t disappointed because he gives the entire playbook away.”
Light Stalking
“[Does] a thorough job of explaining lighting techniques and how to sculpt and create three dimensional images with minimal equipment… This ebook is a great addition to your photography library.”

Understanding Post-Processing


You take a flurry of photos and excitedly open one up in Photoshop. Well… what’s next? One of the most difficult parts of post-processing is figuring out how to bring out your image’s full potential. Mitchell removes this uncertainty by taking you step by step through completely revitalizing five of his images. After understanding his methods, you’ll know exactly how to naturally improve your own photos after you take them and also help you in Understanding Post-Processing.

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Nearly every digital image requires at least a little post-processing to look good. Use Mitchell’s techniques to take advantage of this by making your images emotional, exciting, and vibrant.

“I’m a huge fan of his work… It’s the real goods. No gimmicks, no fancy plug-ins. It’s somewhere between a book and an extended set of tutorials in length… HIGHLY recommended.”
David duChemin
“This is one of the more useful ebooks I have read in a long time. Through in-depth step by step tutorials, illustrations and explanations, this ebook will help you produce striking images with plenty of impact.”

Mitchell Kanashkevich’s passion for photography is evident in his work. He put the same amount of effort and dedication into these two ebooks and packed in a lifetime of photography insights. By giving you a pro’s perspective of photography, Seeing the Light and Understanding Post-Processing will drastically improve your photography and help you create exciting and compelling photos.


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