Male Model Photo Poses Guide For Photographers

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35 masculine male poses + 1 indispensable style guide for male photoshoot

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Author: PhotoWhoa

Male model photo poses isn’t comfortable.

Average dude dresses for comfort.

Why give guys slack, though?

If you consider posing tips and tutorial, we at PhotoWhoa mainly focus on women posing. But we do know that mens posing is equally important. Male photography can be a big challenge, even if you search the internet there isn’t that much information available about how to properly pose men.

If the women you shoot are expected to look their best, shouldn’t your guys? The two ebooks in this bundle will help your guys look their best.

And like any good posing guide, this guide focuses only on poses that will work every single time. They’re powerful ones that chisel your guy into form. Looks that don’t try to hard but still exude a hardy, salt-of-the-earth fortitude.

What will you get in this male model photo poses guide –

You’ll get 38 pages that show you how to pose your guy as it’s done in the guide. You’ll read the exact steps to making sure these poses don’t look any different from how you see them. You’ll even get all info on camera settings and lighting setups used in it.

Plus, with the style guide, you’ll learn indispensable fashion rules that no man should break. Ever. Unless you’re underwear model handsome. So if you know you could do better styling and posing men, this bundle will save your life.

Why should I care about styling guys? What’s in the bundle?

Do you own a properly fitted suit? Do you know what a properly fitted suit is supposed to look like? Do you know what to do with your hands when it’s portrait time? Most guy’s guys don’t. But as a photographer you should know. This mens posing guide with 35 male model photo poses going to help you to shoot great male portrait poses.

Any guy will look better if you follow a few simple guidelines. The mens posing guide has 35 poses that will help your guy look better. They’re organized into a flow chart: Standing, Sitting, Laying, Desk, Wall, and Hand. Each comes with all the camera info as well.

The style guide will go over some essential fashion tips for men. Ones you probably know about — a properly fitted suite shouldn’t scrunch in the middle — and ones you probably don’t know. Together, they’ll help you take better portraits of men.

Check out Few Sample Poses from Jeff Rojas

male model photo poses shoot
male model photo poses sample
male model photo poses

What’s all included, again?

• 35 masculine male portrait poses + fashion advice for men

• Simple instructions to achieving the pose as you see it in the guide

• Perfect suit fit & styling tips for male photography & guys posing

• Camera settings and lighting setups for each pose

What are good male model poses? Have you ever thought it?

These are the classics.

1 review for Male Model Photo Poses Guide For Photographers

  1. Ed Sward

    These guides are focused on men’s fashion styling and posing.

    • Amruta

      Thanks for reviewing Ed 🙂

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