Speedlights Mastery by Damien Lovegrove

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Author: Damien Lovegrove

speedlight mastery Damien Lovegrove

Why speedlights? Hear Damien Lovegrove answer it.

When you’re in a studio, studio strobes work amazingly well. You have power outlets, you’re in a controlled environment where you don’t have to move that much, and you get ample light output for any situation.

But go on-location, and you’ll find that speedlights are much more awesome. They’re light, portable, and use batteries. That’s why even a seasoned pro like Damien Lovegrove prefers speedlights when he shoots on location.

Damien will show you how he designs an image from start to finish. He’ll begin with his concept, then delve into lighting, and then talk about directing his models.

speedlight mastery 003

Create gorgeous, impactful shots with the help of Damien Lovegrove

This isn’t a video for beginners. Techniques in this video will fit best for intermediate and advanced photographers. This is perfect for someone who already knows the basics of using speedlights and wants to delve into new techniques from the get-go.

With Damien’s techniques, you’ll learn how to create an impact with every image you take. The beauty of speedlights is their ability to create amazing drama, and Damien will teach you his techniques to create jaw-dropping shots.

speedlight mastery 002

What do you get with Speedlight Mastery?

Speedlight Mastery is a 150 minute video course by Damien Lovegrove.

You’ll learn:

  • How does Damien conceptualize his lighting setup?
  • What problems might one face on a location shoot?
  • Watch Damien shoot in real time with several different models (both male and female)
  • Includes guidance on composition, posing and picture design
  • Full of inspiration, handy tips, and technical information

“I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and craftsmanship! Very inspiring! “
Rob, customer
“I have to say your teaching skills are superb Damien. It’s amazing what you can do with the humble speedlight.”
David, customer


1 review for Speedlights Mastery by Damien Lovegrove

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    Thank You


    • Megha Kendre

      Hey Phil,

      We will try our best to bring this deal back 🙂

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