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Author: Serge Ramelli

Experienced Everything Lightroom Has To Offer?

It’s more than just a few fun presets. In fact, Lightroom holds a whole universe of amazing photographic capabilities.

It enables you to create stunning landscapes and panoramas. It empowers you with a more efficient workflow, on both desktop and mobile devices. It gives you the time-saving ability to effortlessly catalog and organize your photos.

Did you know Lightroom could do all that? Do you want to learn more?

There’s so much you can do with Lightroom. To even think about it can be overwhelming.

What’s stopping you from harnessing all that Lightroom has to offer?

Most of us could use some guidance. It can take hours and hours to explore Lightroom, to try out its various tools and effects.

Unfortunately, time is a rare and precious commodity these days.

So you try to pick up a little knowledge here, a little there.

Most online courses provide knowledge in bits and pieces. Mastery of a new preset one day, a cool organizational technique the next.

What you really need is the opportunity to learn about everything Lightroom has to offer, and how to use these tools seamlessly throughout your entire workflow.

And it would be nice to learn these skills from a seasoned professional who has already been there and done that.

Because you are ready to move from amateur status to take truly professional-quality photos. Here’s the Lightroom course bundle you’ve been waiting for!

lightroom course

The Definitive Lightroom Course For Professionals

The Lightroom Universe Masterclass offers you everything you need to harness the power of Lightroom.

Course Includes:

  • 96 lessons
  • Over 9 hours of training
  • 85 RAW files

Skills Covered Are:

  • Lightroom Classic. Master all modules and learn to control your photo catalog. Complete retouching projects with panoramas, HDR panoramas, portraits, daylight, HDR, selective B&W, Photoshop integration, vertoramas, and B&W. Learn how to create and use presets.
  • Lightroom CC. Instruction on importing and organizing photos; professional retouching techniques (such as sunsets, daylight photography, panoramas and HDR); how to create and work with presets on desktop as well as mobile.
  • Lightroom Mobile. Master mobile photoshoots, as well as retouching in auto, pro, and HDR modes, and efficient workflow for exporting in Lightroom.
lightroom course

Things You’ll Get In The Lightroom Classics Masterclass

  • Import SD: How to import from an SD card.
  • Hard drive: How to add existing photos in Lightroom Classic without moving them.

  • Date option: An amazing trick to import by the date that I use all the time

  • View options: How to view your photos in the Lightroom Classic.

  • Rating Options: How to use the star, label, and flag system to sort your photos.

  • Paint Tool: A tool that I have never previously used, but can be helpful to update some photos fast.

  • RAW vs JPG: Why it is important to shoot in RAW format for the white balance.

  • Collections: How to create collection sets and collections.

  • Smart collections: A clever way to find photos quickly when you are well organized.

  • Amazing auto stack: A smart way to organize your HDR and panoramas photos.

  • Best options for “Export”: The “Export” window is such a powerful feature as it speeds up so much the process to export photos.
  • Watermarks: How to watermark your photos with text or images.

  • Export presets: Export presets are one of the most useful features that I use every day.

  • Synch with devices: How to get your photos in Lightroom CC and Lightroom Mobile.

  • Mail: How to mail photos directly from Lightroom Classic.

  • Metadata & keywords: Metadata & keywords

  • Back up: How to do online back-up and what has been my workflow for years.

  • Travel and exporting catalogs: In this lesson, I show you how I use dropbox to avoid having to import photos while I travel. It is an expensive feature, but worth having if you can.

  • & Much more!

Some Before & After Results With Lightroom Classic



Things You’ll Get In The Lightroom CC Masterclass

  • Lightroom CC vs Classic: What is the difference between Lightroom CC and Classic. What are the pros and cons.

  • How to import from an SD Card: Let’s import our first RAW files and figure out where the photos are stored locally.

  • Exposure and white balance: Lets start retouching with “exposure” and “white balance”.

  • Effects and details: “Effects” are important and should be used locally. Lets also cover “noise reduction”.

  • Optics and geometry: Let’s fine-tune the RAW files with some classic adjustments like chromatic aberration and vignette.

  • Local tools: Here is the power of Lightroom: the gradient, radial gradient, and brushes.

  • The crop tool: The crop tool is vital to get the composition you want.

  • Retouch the roofs of Paris: Let’s revise all we have seen so far into one good project.

  • Panorama workflow: The full panorama workflow in Lightroom CC.
  • HDR workflow: How to do HDR in Lightroom CC.

  • Panorama & HDR workflow: The HDR and panorama combined workflow.

  • Retouch a Tuscany photoshoot: A full retouch of an iconic view in Tuscany, Italy.

  • Adjust the light: How to adjust the light to make a rock formation stand out.

  • Star and pick: How the sorting by stars or flags work.

  • Finding your photos: How to organize your photos and find them.

  • Portfolio: How to make a free web site directly from Lightroom CC.

  • & Much more!

Some Before & After Results With Lightroom CC



Things You’ll Get In The Lightroom Mobile Masterclass

  • Auto Mode: Let’s start by taking some photos using the auto mode in the beautiful garden of Luxembourg in Paris.

  • HDR mode: The HDR mode is perfect when you shoot straight into the sun and you have lots of dynamic range (strong highlights and shadows).

  • Manual mode: The Manual Mode is what I really use as you can control and make sure you are at ISO 25.

  • Luxembourg garden shooting session: Let’s walk around in the Luxembourg garden and put our theory into a practical application.

  • Luxembourg garden shooting session 2: Let’s do more photos of the Luxembourg garden and its treasures.

  • Pre-selecting: In this lesson, I will show you how to pre-select photos using the star system and how to select photos to create albums or erase them.

  • Global retouching: We now retouch one of my favorite photos in the Luxembourg garden using global retouching.

  • Local retouching: Let’s now consider the strongest power of Lightroom; the local brush, the radial filter, and the gradient filter to take it to the next level.

  • Example of retouching: Now that we have learned all of the basics, let’s do a series of retouching with different examples. Every photo is a different challenge.
  • Black & white: Let’s do some black & white dramatic photos.

  • Creating and using presets: We can use the presets that we created in the Lightroom CC Masterclass (presets are included in this course) or create our own right here and now.

  • Portraits and split toning: Let’s do a portrait with cityscape and let me introduce you to split toning; the perfect tool for portraits.

  • Face retouching: Let’s get in closer on a full face retouching.

  • Profile on Lightroom Mobile: The profiles that we installed in the Lightroom CC Masterclass are available here (profiles included in this course).

  • Viewing the photos: Different options for viewing your photos and some information about them.

  • & Much more!

Some Before & After Results With Lightroom Mobile



Some Raving Reviews


“I am a recently retired Doctor. I have been doing photography since I was 12 my dad bought me my first Yashica camera and enlarger. I grew with the technology and made the transition to digital early on. I have been doing photoshop for years and now with your help have started to use Lightroom a lot. Your courses and presets have taught me more in the 4 months since I retired than the prior 50 years.
Thank you for all your help”Ken Diamond


“Serge’s video training are SO GOOD I always watch them to the end because he’s so enthusiastic about photography!”
He helped take my “passionate hobby” and turn it into a “Full-Time professional landscape photography business!”Tim Shield

“I was a professional Golf Player and looking for a new adventure in life, I came across Serge Ramelli training and never look back. I now own of the largest Interior Design business in Spain with over 6 staff and we are the leaders of High-End Real Estate in Spain and some other countries.”Charly Simon


“Recently, I won a first-place award in the 2019 & I used Lightroom and your preset, Day Linear Circle light, to prepare the image for the contest. I have purchased multiple courses from Serge & watched many of his videos. His lessons focus on what makes photos beautiful, not the mechanics of the camera & internal workings of Photoshop. As a new photographer, he has helped me develop my skills more than I could have done on my own. “Robert Yorde

Take Your Photography To The Next Level

Anyone can play around with Lightroom. After all, it is a lot of fun! And even an amateur can create and use some cool effects to make their photos unique.

But it takes a true professional to master the full power of Lightroom in all its forms. It takes a master of the craft to use every tool this platform has to offer to its full capacity, and to do so with effortless confidence.

This is something that we can all aspire to…but only a lucky few will ever attain.

Serge Ramelli, your Lightroom Universe Masterclass instructor, is one of those few. He has spent years fine-tuning the many facets of Lightroom, making it work for him with amazing results. These results have graced galleries all over the world.

lightroom course
lightroom course

And now he is sharing all these secrets with you.

No longer do you have to content yourself with a few tips and tricks. No more wasted time in trial and error, trying to fully understand the power of Lightroom.

It is all right here for you in this extensive and comprehensive Lightroom course, right at your fingertips after download.

You can engage in the course on your own schedule, watching the nine hours all in one day or a little at a time. You can skip lessons and jump ahead to those skills that you truly hunger for. And you can go back and refer to them in the future anytime you need a refresher on a specific skill or tool.

You won’t find any other course that brings you the full scope of Lightroom. Most courses only focus on a specific mode: Lightroom CC, Mobile or Classic. Rarely (if ever) will you find one course that gives you all three of these at once.

We know what you’re thinking. You could never afford a full and comprehensive course like that. It must cost hundreds of dollars.

Not so. This course typically sells for $57.

And right now, you can grab it at an even deeper discount because for a limited time, the Lightroom Masterclass is available for just $37. So what are you waiting for?

Grab The Ultimate Lightroom Course To Fully Master Lightroom Today!

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