2+1 Combo: 5 Landscape Ebooks + Adv. Techniques for Landscape Photographers + Techniques for Portrait Photography

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Deal 1:

5 Amazing Landscape Photography E-Books


This is a collection of five of the most popular landscape photography book from the Patel instructional library. Some books contain interactive media such as embedded videos.

You’ll learn how to blend two photographs together – one processed for the highlights and the other processed for the shadows – to create one beautiful image.

Composition & Perception- Creating unique photography

This Landscape Photography e-book will teach you how to use masks and contains embedded videos to show you the various tools to manipulate them.

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Deal 2:

Advanced Photoshop Techniques For Landscape Photographers

Understand how to use precise, pixel-by-pixel techniques to improve every single area of a photo.
Those techniques for landscape, the professional work arounds, are what you’ll learn in Joshua Cripps’s Advanced Techniques for Landscape Photographers. But, unlike me, you won’t have to take a crash course in everything—you’ll get to focus on techniques for landscapes.

All so that you learn how to make crisp, stunning landscapes.

What’s inside this deal?

Creating Killer Selections:

In this course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of Photoshop’s capacities to actively and profoundly edit your photos.

Effortless Exposure Blending:

In this course, you will learn techniques for landscape that help you effortlessly blend exposures to create seamless, mesmerizing, how-was-this-done landscapes.

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Bonus Deal:

30 Tips & Techniques For Portrait Photography


In Neil Creek’s portrait photography guide, you’ll learn 30 quick tips for improving your portraits.

30 Tips and Techniques for Portrait Photography is the distilled knowledge from years of professional and personal portrait photography. It’s filled with to-the-point information that will immediately improve your photos of people. Neil shares the wisdom he has gained from trying experiments and making mistakes, so that you don’t have to make them as well. Each tip is a self contained nugget of useful information that you can immediately apply to improve the quality of your work.

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