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Author: Phil Ebiner

Landscape photography seems as though it should be so easy. But in fact there’s a lot that goes into this deceptively simple art form.

Let’s face it: you get only one chance to take that perfect landscape photo. This may be the only time you’ll ever see that breathtaking skyline, that stunning mountain view, the precise shades of that stretch of ocean at sunset. In the blink of an eye, it’s gone forever…and so is your opportunity to preserve that moment.

Every photographer knows the frustration of finding that magical view, only to discover that their camera has failed to capture the magic.

Despite pulling out all the stops of photo editing, they can’t quite seem to get it back. The colors they add in PhotoShop are not the same as the vivid pink of that sunset.

The glow they add in Lightroom does not match the warm shimmer of a beloved city monument at night. And so the photo ends up being yet another pale copy.

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Has that ever happened to you?

Perhaps you have considered taking a course to up your game when it comes to landscape photography.

But it seems that every course out there is too expensive, too time-consuming, and well…just plain boring.

After all, why would you want to sit and watch someone lecture about creating photography when you could be out there actually doing it?

A solution for your landscape photography

This package brings you a combo of two unique video courses specifically for landscape and night photography techniques.

Once you access the courses, you can watch them on your own time and at your leisure. You will quickly learn all the hacks and workarounds to creating stunning landscape photography.

Some topics include photography basics, such as proper gear and editing techniques, as well as creative uses of filters and shutter release remote.

Other topics are more specialized, such as how to prepare for your trip, how to shoot a panorama with any camera, and the best methods for getting stunning shots of the moon and stars.

You also get behind the scenes lessons, practical assignments, and full editing case studies to flesh out the video instruction with hands-on practice. Quizzes give you the opportunity to check on how you’re doing. And downloadable cheat sheets give you access to these priceless skills anywhere you go.

With these courses under your belt, you will never again know the frustration of a wasted photography trip. You can feel confident that you’ll come home with a collection of landscape and/or night photos which truly do justice to the breathtaking sights you’ve witnessed.

Whether it’s the ancient glory of Machu Picchu, the timeless beauty of a desert at night, or a dramatic cityscape as only Paris or New York can do it, your photos will bring that indescribable imagery vividly to life.

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Two courses, every landscape photography technique you’ll ever need

Here are some of the topics covered in these two jam packed courses

Landscape Photography

3.5 Hours videos, 5 Articles, 14 Downloadable resources

  • Gear & Basics
  • Landscape Photography techniques Checklist
  • Camera Setting Refresher with Phil
  • Landscape Photography Demonstrations: Sunrise to Sunset
  • Shooting at Sunrise
  • Wide vs. Telephoto Photographs
  • How to Shoot Panoramas
  • Using a Polarizer Filter
  • Sunset Photography

Night Photography

2 Hours videos, 5 Articles, 11 Downloadable resources

  • Equipment for Night Photography
  • Long Exposures for Shooting the Stars
  • How to Shoot Light Trail Photos
  • Shooting Foreground Elements with a Trigger
  • Photographing the Moon
  • Editing Night Photos
  • Adobe Lightroom Crash Course
  • Make Stars Pop
  • Make Night Skies Stunning with Graduated and Radial Filters
  • Exporting Your Photos for Web or Print

Course bonuses

  • Downloadable cheat sheets
  • Behind the scenes lessons
  • Full editing case studies
  • Practical assignments
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge
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Why you need this course bundle?

No doubt about it, these are the video courses that you’ve been waiting for.

Unlike other available courses, they are completely self-paced. You start and finish when it’s convenient. And you can always go back over a lesson again if you need to.

Learn these landscape photography techniques from the experts. The three instructors (Phil, Will and Sam) are experienced and talented instructors. Rather than simply lecturing from a set of slides, they take you on the scene of real-life landscape and night photography shoots.

landscape photography techniques authors


They keep instruction fun, lively and engaging. At no time will you ever feel like you’re sitting in a classroom.

Best of all, you won’t be able to find such top-notch photography instruction anywhere else at such an incredible price. Typically, these video courses are combined for a sale price of $58.

But for a limited time, we are offering them for just $17. That’s right, you can master all the basics of landscape and night photography for just $17…probably less than the price of the last memory card you purchased. And the time and money it will save you long-term are incalculable.


Acquire every night & landscape photography techniques you ever wanted with these incredible video courses!

7 reviews for The Complete Landscape & Night Photography Course Bundle

  1. [email protected]

    helpfull and complete. A verre nice course

  2. [email protected]

    The Complete Landscape & Night Photography Course Bundle from PhotoWhoa has been a wealth of knowledge to learn at a very affordable price. Thank you for your excellent products

  3. LARRY T.


  4. Alex Lim

    Good material to learn!!!

  5. John Fortson

    I love the deals on PhotoWhoa, this THE COMPLETE LANDSCAPE & NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE BUNDLE is one of the better ones

  6. davenmick

    In this bundle you get two comprehensive on-line courses that can be viewed any time on any device.
    The courses take you through at a steady pace and are supplemented with knowledge checks and cheat sheets.
    Altogether a great package if you want to take great landscape and night photographs.

  7. Henry Nguyen

    everything good , i love it .

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