Kamerar’s Baton Extender for the DJI Osmo


22-inch extender for the DJI Osmo 4K camera system

Want more creative ways to shoot smooth 4K video?

If you have a DJI Osmo, you need this intelligent 22” DJI Osmo extender.

With it, you’ll get a greater range of stabilized angles to shoot from . . .

You never worry about lacking technical chops. What worries you most is lacking something you could have bought. I mean, you’re confident in your abilities. But what if the perfect shot — the one that you know you must get —- is out of reach because you didn’t buy the right gear?

Is there any excuse for that? If you’re one of the early adapters to DJI’s highly acclaimed and incredibly powerful Osmo camera system, then you’ve probably already heard DJI’s intelligent 22” extender.

It’s the kind of gear that sets you apart. It’s useful. Adaptable. And smart. With it, you’ll able to shoot from unique perspectives that will effectively increase your creative possibilities. Making sure you’re never unprepared for what’s asked of you.

You’ll get an extra 22 inches of height and included pistol grip that helps you shoot from high above, bird’s-eye angles. You’ll also get a steady base that extends how high and how varied you can shoot with the Osmo while maintaining functionality with your camera’s handle.

It’s a win-win. You won’t lose any technical precision while still adding more capability

If you already own an Osmo, this will be a crucial piece of your camera system. And if you look at DJI’s website right now, you’ll see that the DJI Osmo extender is selling there for $100.

But we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t do something better.

Right now, and only for a limited time, you’re going to get DJI’s Baton Extender for $89!

But since it’s only available for a limited time, you better hurry. If you want to extend what you can shoot with the Osmo, get this deal before it’s gone!

Check out the video for cool tricks you can do with this extender

DJI Osmo Extender (Baton)


22” extender: keep the pan and tilt controls within finger’s reach while extending the capabilities on your Osmo

Smart adapter: designed to support electronic communication between the DJI Osmo’s handle and camera

NOTE: DJI Osmo camera is not included

What if your perfect shot is unreachable?

Get the 22” extender. And never worry about being unprepared. Buy this deal today!

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