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Learn essential photography skills from a 30-year veteran.

With this bundle of 3 e-books, pro photographer Jim Zuckerman will teach you his best photo techniques from a 30 year span of capturing the most breathtaking photos we’ve ever seen.

He’s so good, in fact, that he gets paid to go to exotic destinations like Namibia, Morocco, Iceland, Patagonia, and Indonesia to capture amazing photos. His art has been shown in galleries around in the world and has been featured inside private collections.

So needless to say, you might want to pay attention when this guy talks about composition, lighting, and natural light.

This bundle of 3 e-books will span across several different topics, with each book focusing on a different topic.


Here's what you'll learn in each book -

The Art of Photographic Composition

Good composition is way more than just learning the rule of thirds.

Jim Zuckerman’s most popular book will help any photographer go beyond the basics and learn how to incorporate leading lines, negative space, complementary backgrounds, graphic design, symmetry and more to capture breathtaking photos.

The best part is the approach that Zuckerman took to explain each photo. He shows you a photo that he feels could use improvement, and then shows you exactly how he would change the photo.

Although Zuckerman’s known for a lot of outdoor and landscape photography, he also shows you examples with a wide variety of subjects, including animals and humans.

One of my favorite parts of this e-book was the section on using backgrounds more effectively. As a photographer, sometimes you forget about this crucial aspect to your photos that can make a massive difference.

Zuckerman illustrates this well with a picture of a leopard in front of a light background, and contrasts it with a graphically altered image. The edited image focuses much more attention on the leopard, while the original diverts attention due to the presence of the light in the background.

Techniques of Natural Light Photography

Natural light photography can be difficult because you have very little control over mother nature.

At the same time, natural light can help you achieve breathtaking photos. Photos that look “natural” because they aren’t coming from an artificial light source.

With Jim Zuckerman’s guide, you’ll learn how to utilize natural light to your advantage, even in a harsh midday sun.

Zuckerman starts off his book with a chapter called “digital constructs” which was actually my favorite chapter because it discusses how he “sees” and enhances the photo inside Photoshop. You’ll explore things like “dynamic range” (and HDR), color temperature, and white balance to get the perfect shot.

Then you’ll get to see exactly how Zuckerman shoots in different situations. How do you get the perfect shot under the harsh midday sun? How do you take advantage of “backlighting” so you don’t have just a silhouette? How do you take two exposures and then combine them into one for the perfect shot?

If you’re planning to shoot outdoors anytime soon, this is one of the best guides you can grab to start shooting gorgeous photography.

Jim Zuckerman

Flash… Made Easy

While natural light can get you some amazing photos, the drawback is that you can’t necessarily “control” your light 100%. This is where flash photography comes in.

Jim Zuckerman’s latest e-book teaches you techniques you can use from just a single flash unit. He doesn’t get into studio flash unit techniques in this one, but focuses on what you can do with an external flash unit like the Canon 580EX II or the Nikon SB-900.

Zuckerman delves into the technical aspects of flash — How do you actually use all the different modes like E-TTL, Manual, Slave, etc? And how does sync speed, recycle time, and the inverse square law affect your images?

Once you’ve learned the technical aspects, Zuckerman shows you HOW to shoot. Whether you want to shoot with your flash unit on-camera or off-camera, you’ll learn the proper techniques for getting an exquisite shot.

As with all his e-books, Zuckerman illustrates this one with beautiful images he’s taken from around the world.

Master the essentials, and start taking much better photos with Jim Zuckerman

This 3 e-book bundle will give beginning and intermediate photographers a great foundation for amazing photos. Start by mastering your composition, then take a deeper look into how you can use natural light or flash photography to take better photos.

Want to learn more?

Grab this bundle of 3 e-books for only $15 and start shooting 15x better.


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