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Author: John Horn

Enhance your photographs with over 100 gorgeous Photoshop Actions by JHP

JHP Effect_leftPhotoshop actions from JHP can speed up your workflow and give life to your images. All with one-click!

Create amazing looks from a variety of interesting actions. Want to give your photos a film effect? We got you covered. Want to give some punch to a flat photo? No problem.

This special bundle from JHP contains 5 of their professionally-used actions including color lab, adjustments, workflow, essentials, and vintage.

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Color Lab

Color Lab is all about giving spark to your colors. This set includes over a dozen more actions to give you complete control over your image’s colors.

Increase saturation without creating color halos & keeping maximum color detail with the Intensify action. Adjust the colors of an image based on it’s existing colors with It’s All Good. Then breathe life into your photos with Give it Life.


JHP Adjustments_before

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Sometimes a few minor touches will make your photo look perfect. Adjustments will make subtle changes to your image to give it the finishing touch it deserves.

Add warmth to your image with the Golden Hour Photoshop Actions. Create a beautiful black and white image that really pops with Natural Black & White. Or if you don’t know what to do, try Autoflow, which will add extra punch and awesomeness to any photo.

JHP Photoshop Actions(Hover over image for “after” photo)


Workflow includes 10 great actions that you can incorporate into your everyday workflow.

You’ll be able to quickly perform actions that would otherwise take much longer to refine. For example, you can quickly add a vignette or enhance the tones of your image. Brighten up your image by lightening the midtones and highlights. Make your subject’s eyes pop.

With the workflow set, you’ll be editing faster than ever.

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Essentials includes a lot of pretty effects that will make any image stand out.

Make your photos pop with the Bedazzlement action. Replicate realistic film stock with Instamatic S-10 and IngrainedX. This set includes many actions that do a variety of things, but all of them will make your photo look awesome.

Hover over the photo on the left to see an example of IngrainedX

JHP Vintage_before

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If you want to replicate the old film photograph look, then Vintage will help you do that.

This whole set is devoted to giving you various old school looks. Each action gives you a different effect so you can pick and choose the look that you want.

This set includes 16 color-bending, age defining actions that will take any photo from today to yesteryear with just one click.




“If you are a photographer and looking for a great way to automate your workflow and save time in editing, I highly recommend you check out these actions.”
Daniel Valente Photography
“I recently got the chance to use the JHP Photoshop Actions set on some of my photographs. I was really impressed with the accuracy and quality of the results using these actions.”
Steve Haining Photography


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