Hollywood Portraits Remastered with Damien Lovegrove


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Author: Damien Lovegrove


Your greatest hollywood portraits haven’t been made. There’s a style I know you haven’t tried.


It’s called Hollywood portraiture. And I know you know what that looks like. It’s that look that rocketed Hollywood into what it is today. Highly evocative and sultry, it looks like nothing else in the world. It was specifically made to INCREASE the beauty of Hollywood’s already beautiful stars.

And Hollywood knows what they were doing. They aren’t in the image-making business for nothing. They developed this style of portraiture to convey unmatchable class and moody charisma. Radiating like lavish sums of money, they didn’t settle for natural light and improvisation. They left nothing to chance.

And this look helped them dominate entertainment for decades. Makes sense right? Why pay millions if you’re not going to get the best? Hollywood Portraits Remastered is about learning those techniques and that style. It’s about getting that look that – still to this day – conveys the same meaning.

Damien Lovegrove learned it for the BBC. It was part of his professional training. Now, it’s your turn to learn the same thing. Your turn to revive that most glamorous Hollywood look. Learn that same ironclad determination to detail, fashion, light and making something more luxurious than real life.

In Hollywood Portraits Remastered, you’ll get a six-month production and one of Lovegrove’s most ambitious projects to date. You’ll learn continuous lighting techniques that replicate Hollywood’s style. You’ll learn to capture images that tell a story and learn lighting that immediately adds to your image’s drama.


Hollywood Portraits Remastered

17 Chapters. 1080p Full HD.

004At 1.5+ hours, you already know what to expect from one of the best photography instructors in the world. This is Damien Lovegrove at his most inspired. You’ll feel it from the opening seconds. It’s all energy and sweat. You’ll actually see how much passion he has from the very beginning.

And just look at his images. They aren’t no joke. When watching this video and thinking about something to write, I knew I would take one paragraph to praise these moody and evocative photographs. These images are killer. I love them.

The training? Well, the training, as I already mentioned, is about learning a style that connotes fame and beauty. You’ll learn grand lighting that’s pre-planned and intelligently thought out. You’ll learn how Lovegrove goes through his exact professional motions.

You’ll see how he coaches his models. How he sets up his lights, which are usually around two but can be as many as three, or four, or even five. This is Hollywood, like I said. This is the most for the best. But you’ll also get little nuggets of professional advice that’ll make you nod your head in agreement.

You’ll learn solutions to things you don’t think about until you’re on the set and fumbling around, trying to figure it out. Things like having to find what is lit from where without burning your eyes out. I’ll give you the simple solution. You locate it by finding where the shadow is pointing.

That’s it. But this training video is so much more. It’s Lovegrove at his best. It’s learning light at its most grand.

So what’s all included?

Hollywood Portraits

  • 1.5+ Hour training video, 17 chapters, 5+ sets
  • Learn Lovegrove’s unique approach to directing models for Hollywood style glamour
  • Understand high-key, low-key, film noir inspired lighting design
  • Advanced lighting techniques: LED spotlights, bounce boards, Arri fresnels, Lowels, reflector kits, filters, boom stands, fedoras for the perfect Hollywood Portraits 🙂


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