Hacking Photography: The Plain English Guide to Taking Impressive Photos


10 steps to getting better in 10 days

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Author: Mike Newton

With this guide, you’ll get 10 hacks that make shooting good photos second nature

Ever been so frustrated with photography that you felt like selling your camera and giving it up for good? I mean, you’re using the same camera as everybody else, so why aren’t you getting the same results? Are you failing to do something?

It seems no matter how hard you try, your photos always feel off. What are other people doing to shoot better photos? What’s the solution? Are there any simple changes you can do right now that pay off immediately?

Absolutely! We wouldn’t be offering Mike Newton’s excellent ebook if we didn’t think you could radically improve your photography in the shortest amount of time possible. Think of it as a 10-step program to getting you on the right path to shooting good photos.

hacking photography

10 hacks. 10 assignments. 10 days.

That’s all you need you get better fast. So the question is, how does it work? And what exactly does it mean to “hack” photography?

First thing first, hacking photography doesn’t mean finding some secret, undiscovered formula for getting good photographs. It’s not magic. A “hack” is simply making difficult concepts or techniques easy to learn or do. It’s an experimental approach.

It means Mike had to mess up a lot before he figured out what truly works. These 10 hacks are ones Mike learned from all the years shooting advertising and editorial work. They’re 10 hacks designed to get you up to speed with good technique.

hacking photography

It’s how you get those results you see on forums. 10 assignments. 10 simple hacks that you can do right now to improve your photos in the shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. In 10 days, you’ll be able to shoot good photographs like it’s second nature.

It’s your antidote to frustration. Your antidote to feeling that photography is impossible. So don’t quit just yet. Right now you’re going to get Hacking Photography for a limited-time deal of $19.99. It won’t last long. So hurry and buy now!

A few examples…

hacking photography
hacking photography
hacking photography
hacking photography
hacking photography
hacking photography

What exactly am I going to learn in this ebook?

hacking photography guide

Applying a research-based, scientifically-minded approach to unpacking the core of what it means to shoot good photography, Mike breakdowns 10 concepts of good technique into 10 simple hacks. You’ll learn how to re-think and re-do your previous approach to shooting.

You’ll get 10 lessons accompanied with 10 hands-on assignments that further develop what you read. You’ll learn how Mike went from 0 to 99th percentile without wasting precious hours. Get the straight truths when it comes to technique, gear, and how to see the light, composition, and perspective.

And everything in the ebook is plain English. All the techniques simplified to the easiest to understand nuggets of knowledge. You won’t be scratching your head and left wondering what he’s talking about.

This your one chance to try something different. What do you think? Ready to give it a shot?


Making Them Drool

hacking photography

Food deserves to look delicious. This is Mike’s food photography guide. You’ll learn the 5 most impactful steps to make people’s mouth water. You’ll hack your way to making your photographs as appetizing as the food you’re eating.

Motion Blur Master Guide

hacking photography

Motion creates emotion. And motion blur is the trick all photographers use to do this. Done right, a blurred subject will add drama to any scene you capture. Learn how to create the best motion blur for the right situation.

How to Get Almost Any Gear at No Cost

hacking photography

Stop complaining about expensive gear and learn to find it with little to no cost. You’ll learn how to take advantage of Craigslist to find gear that can sold back for what you paid for it or even sold back for more than you paid. You’ll learn by hacking your way through simple math and internet savvy.

Do you have the next 10 days to go out and shoot?

The next 10 steps are crucial. Have the time to improve? Stop being frustrated, buy now!


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