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Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid Free Ebook



Sold By: Thomas Leuthard

How to stop hesitating and start shooting.

Here’s how you begin

Like a cold slap to the face, street art photography stings . . .

I know when I first tried shooting it, I felt dirty, even perverted. How could this be art, I thought? How could pointing my camera at strangers capture anything good? It felt wrong somehow.

I also knew I wasn’t going to improve by myself. I had to look for answers from other street photographers. I wanted to get over being a punk. I then found this ebook and a lot of others like it. I was addicted. I read them front to back. Every day. In the bathroom. In the subway. Anywhere.

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street art photography - candid6

Do you know every street photographer starts like you?

Then they grow up. Either you learn how to lose yourself in the streets or you stop progressing. Reading Thomas Leauthard’s Going Candid is how you progress. It’s how you get over your fear. And it’s free (for a limited time).

Ready to start enhancing your street art photography skills?

So read up (98 pages). And get going.


1 review for Thomas Leuthard’s Going Candid Free Ebook

  1. 5 out of 5

    Love Thomas’s work, have seen much of it on Flickr

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