Good Light Academy: The Hogwarts School For Beauty Photographers

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Go From Beginner To PRO In 12 Months With Michael Zelbel

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Are you a photographer looking to advance your craft to the professional level? Are you looking for just the right flash photography tutorial to get you out of a rut?

If so, you have probably already found an endless variety of tutorials and how-to articles online.

There is an incredible array of YouTube videos, articles, and online courses that can be discovered by a quick Google search.

But none of these truly give you what you need at this stage of your career: a coach.

Every master artist throughout history needed a coach to become great. Someone who instructed them in simple, clear terms at each stage of their development, so that they could advance. Even young wizards need such guidance.

But, although you can find endless instructions on everything from lighting to posing to selling your work, nothing you encounter seems to give you that basic element of good coaching.

You find yourself blindly trying to follow all their instruction, yet never feeling like you’re getting anywhere. You’re still stuck in the same rut, struggling to advance.

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The Good Light Method: A Revolution In Flash Photography Tutorials

Accomplished photography instructor Michael Zelbel will take you from the level of a novice to a professional in just twelve months.

He does this with an innovative coaching method called the Good Light method.

With scientific precision, you will advance through five clear levels.

Level 1: You will learn how to work with one single-modifier flash in your own DIY studio.
Level 2: You will master two kinds of light modifiers, for indoors and outdoors.
Level 3: You will master multiple modifiers and multiple sets, becoming a true camera “ninja” to create studio-grade images with your own low-cost gear.
Level 4: You will build your photography to the level of a paid hobby.
Level 5: You will transform your photography into a professional, full-time business.

By the end of the course, you will be producing professional photography that makes your models look incredible. And it can be done by spending just two hours a week online.

That’s because Zelbel takes the technique of rapid skill improvement, a science-based approach embraced by peak performers in music and the arts and applies it to photography.

Take a look at a few examples…

Behind The Scenes

The Only Way To Take Your Photo Shoots From Mediocre To Magical

As we mentioned earlier, you will find no shortage of photographic instruction online. But nowhere will you find a course which uses this precise, scientific, instructional method, a method which is guaranteed to get results with any learner.

The combination of careful coaching and deliberate practice gives you a sure and certain progression towards great work, unlike other learning opportunities which leave you struggling to construct learning in isolation.

This is truly the only course that will give you the thorough coaching that you need to be successful. In fact, we’re so certain of this, that we give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If the course doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a refund, no questions asked.

As you can see, this course is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. And for a limited time, you can access this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at a deep discount. We are presently offering the interactive 12-month program for a one-time price of just $1495, a full $1500 less than the full price of $2995.

For this price, you can access the full Academy program, giving you results that will transform your career forever.

What You Get…

So exactly what’s included in that great price?

Here are all the amazing benefits you get from enrolling in Hogwarts School for Beauty Photographers.

  • Good Light Method fundamentals courses
  • Michael Zelbel’s help in creating your photography game plan for 2018
  • Weekly coaching sessions with Michael Zelbel
  • Access to Zelbel via direct message
  • Training on an as-needed basis
  • The complete 2018 Academy program
  • Access to photography workshops
  • Monthly online planning and problem-solving sessions
  • A weekly focus hour
  • Publication support
  • Just-in-time training when needed

30 Days Money Back Guarantee – just send us a message or an email to get fully refunded with no questions asked.

Here’s what photographers say about Michael Zelbel


“Fun and instructional. Michael is an excellent coach, his constant encouragement and words of wisdom really make this goal something I look forward to doing every day.”- Shashwat

“I really enjoy Michael Zelbel taking the time to comment and monitor my progress, it is pushing me to complete this knowing someone is watching me :)”Nicole

“He helped me defining a clear goal and achieving it.”Ben

“Michael is a fantastic photographer and great coach. He has helped me a lot. He has given me guidance, resources, tips. He has helped me to improve lighting and posing.” – Alex

The Good Light Academy is more than just another flash photography tutorial.
It truly is magical and transformative, like Hogwarts.

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