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Author: Ed Verosky

Take amazing and unique portraits with Ed Verosky’s creative techniques

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Photographer Ed Verosky is one of the best professional photographers from New York City. While Verosky’s portraiture skills are amazing, his ability to write on the subject of portraiture is equally extraordinary. With his extremely comprehensive portraiture ebooks, you can easily absorb his years of expertise.

Verosky’s two portraiture Ebooks will complement your entire career as a portrait photographer. Part 1 caters to beginning photographers who need help getting to the next level. Part 2 targets the more advanced photographers, and teaches you how to excel in a competitive market in both creativity and business.

Portrait photographers, for a very limited time you have a chance to buy a bundle of both of Verosky’s portraiture Ebooks at 50% off.

Part I: Portraiture Lighting, Artistic Techniques, and Your Own Unique Style


Every photographer hits a painful pleateau at some point in their career. It’s a time when your photos seem to look very average.

Maybe you’re stuck taking the same boring old portraits over and over again.

Or maybe you’re tired of photographs that are cliched and stereotypical.

You might be thinking to yourself that your work is not improving and instead becoming stale.

Don’t worry because these are common problems for any artist, and with the right guidance you can go beyond your current capabilities and start capturing some truly amazing photos.

With the help of professional photographer Ed Verosky, you will learn how you can advance your portraiture skills to a new level. By reading this book, you’ll gain a valuable source of inspiration and be motivated to try a refreshing, new approach to photography.

In Part I, you’ll learn about:
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  • The most important aspects of lighting in portraiture
  • How to stand out with your own personal artistic flair
  • Tips and tricks so you can develop your own style
  • Why thinking like an artist helps your photography
  • How and why to be unique
  • Making yourself better than your competition
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Unique photos are the key to improving your body of work, and this e-book will be crucial to developing your own personal style. With Verosky’s techniques, you can differentiate yourself and make your work stand out from your competition.


“The series of books on portrait photography offered by Edward Verosky is an ulitmate guide for taking your portraiture to next level – personally as well as professionally.”
Advanced Photography
“It’s a great source of inspiration and posing ideas when I am stuck in a rut and want to get more creative.”
Better Digital Photo


Part II: Advanced Portfolio Development, Model Selection, and Style Experimentation

Portraiture Ebooks Book_part2

You’ve mastered your camera’s functions, you know all the theories behind lighting, and your photos are starting to look great.

Now it’s time to go from great to pro.

In this book you’ll learn how to get ahead in this industry and rise into the ranks of the professionals. Ed Verosky moves beyond the technical aspects of a single photo to teach you how to develop a top-notch portfolio.

In this book you’ll discover even more techniques that will help you really take your photos to the highest level possible. If you want to become a professional photographer and make your hobby into a career, then you absolutely need to read this book.

In part II, you’ll learn about:
Portraiture Ebooks Thumb_book2_screen4

  • Experimentation techniques for your photos to take you beyond your comfort zone
  • Selecting the right models for your vision
  • The best way to approach models for photoshoots
  • Getting extraordinary results in every photoshoot
  • The optimal way to inspire and direct your subjects
  • Professional strategies to maximize your number of extraordinary portfolio-worthy photos
  • Illustrations and case studies to teach you by example
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“With lots of sample photos included in the book, the author provides plenty of useful information for improving your portrait photography. “
Marty Bugs
“There are very important and fundamental lessons to learn about building up your work and bringing the most out of your subjects from Ed Verosky.”


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