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Just Bought a DSLR — Now Why Do My Photos Stink?

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You might think that by purchasing a DSLR you will instantly improve your photography skills. Many times, however, you end up getting photos worse than your simple point-and-shoot or even iPhone camera.

You can take absolutely stunning photos with a DSLR, but it’ll take time and effort. Your typical point-and-shoot digital camera is great because it fixes all the settings for you, but your DSLR takes more skill to use effectively.

This course by EasyDSLR will teach you how to start using your DSLR to its full potential. It is an easy-to-understand course aimed at teaching beginners the proper techniques while using a DSLR. Each section of the course includes several videos narrated by Ken of EasyDSLR.

Note: This package is for the Gold Membership Level course at EasyDSLR.

You will learn:

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  • An overview of your DSLR and what it’s capable of
  • Essential gear you need as a photographer to complete your “kit”
  • Technical aspects of a good photo, including white balance, exposure, composition, and focus
  • How to get started using flash to improve your photos
“Really insightful look at these areas Ken. I love how you explain things but also use examples and live application combined with the use of the whiteboard to go further into the detail.”
Andy Rose
“Your course is great, the way that you explain things is very straight forward. your simple approach has helped my understanding of aperture, it just came together and I feel a lot more comfortable around my camera. I find that I experiment with the setting as I was afraid to before.”
Marina Neophytou

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  • How to edit your photos in post-production
  • An intro to using your DSLR for video
  • How to use HDR imaging to give your photos a WOW factor
  • Tips for taking better pictures of people
  • How to take beautiful night photography
  • Taking beautiful photos of nature

10 Hours of Video — 8 Weeks to Shed the “Newbie” Title

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With the Gold Membership at EasyDSLR, you’re getting over 10 hours of high quality video to get you to the next level. Here’s a class breakdown of what you’re getting with your gold membership.

As a special bonus, users who purchase from PhotoWhoa get all their videos unlocked immediately (usually unlocked week-by-week).

  • DSLR Overview (2 Videos)
    • Week 1: What’s a DSLR? and DSLR Essentials.
  • DSLR Basics (10 Videos)
    • Week 1: Composition, Exposure – Intro and ISO, Exposure – Aperture, Exposure – Shutter Speed.
    • Week 2: White Balance Basics and Custom White Balance.
    • Week 3: Focusing Basics and Depth of Field.
    • Week 4: Flash Basics and Flash Diffusers.
  • Let’s get Creative (6 Videos)
    • Week 5: Better Portraits, Night Photos, and Nature.
    • Week 6: Macro Photos, HDR Imaging, and Time Lapse.
  • Image Editing (3 Videos)
    • Week 7: Image Formats, Basic Editing, and Advanced Editing.
  • DSLR Video (2 Videos)
    • Week 8: DSLR Video Introduction and Video Basics.


“Your tutorials about the latter features {Focus and DOF} were crucial for me, since my eventual goal is to make a documentary of the flowers in my garden in the South of France during the 4 seasons.”
“I am so in love with these DSLR videos !!! They are filling in all the blanks, plus I have a 5D Mark II so the buttons are perfect for my learning. Thanks so much !”


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