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Learn how to transition from hobbyist to professional photographer from Dan Bailey

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Have you ever wanted to make photography your professional career but never thought you could actually make a living?

The photography industry is difficult to get into, and with the advent of digital photography, it’s become even harder for professionals to earn a decent salary. However, if you really have a passion for photography, then it is very possible to earn a living from photography.

With Dan Bailey ‘s e-book bundle, you’ll be armed with tools and resources to help you transition yourself from a hobbyist to a professional photographer, and the best part is you’ll be getting paid to do something you already love to do.

You will learn both the creative and business side of photography so you can both discover how you can earn a living as a photographer as well as how you can achieve professional quality images.

How to Become a Pro Photographer


You want to take the next step from amateur to pro, but you have no idea how you can start earning a living from photography. This e-book answers many of your questions about the industry and the business-side of photography.

There’s no better way for you to learn how to enter an industry than from a professional, and Dan Bailey has been a professional photographer for over a decade. His work has been published by dozens of clients worldwide including FujiFilm, Nikon, and Discovery Channel.

With this e-book, you will learn the ins and outs of the photography business. This book isn’t about how to take better photos, it’s about taking your hobby into a full-time career. This is the book to read if you need to know about the business and logistics side of a photography career.


You will learn:

  • How realistic is a career in professional photography?
  • Whether you’re ready to make the jump into professional photography
  • Resources to help you earn money from your photos
  • How much investment you can expect to need for your business
  • Gear & Hardware suggestions for a professional
  • Marketing tactics to market both yourself and your business
  • Business logistics (taxes, pricing, software)
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This book has ideas and tactics that even successful photography business owners can adopt. You will also learn about resources that photographers of any level can utilize to make their business more profits.


“Whether you’re looking looking to make the jump towards a full time photo career, or if you’re just curious about what it takes to earn money with your camera, this book is for great companion for you to have.”
Kathy Zinn Photography
“How To Become A Pro Photographer is for anyone who is considering taking his photography to the next level and starting a full or part time photo business.”
D.Gould Photographyy


Making the Image


You’ve come to the conclusion that photography will be your new career path. Now you need to learn how to take photos like a professional.

You can’t be a great photographer without knowing how to take strong photos. Making the Image is a conceptual guide to have you thinking outside of the box so you can start creating beautiful images. With this guide, you’ll be able to learn how you can take beautiful photos in order to create true emotional impact with your audience.

Bailey utilizes beautiful imagery from his own portfolio so you can easily grasp the concepts that he’s teaching. For your convenience, the book is horizontally formatted, making it easily readable on computers and iPads.


In part II, you’ll learn about:

  • How the human visual system responds to the world
  • A clear, easy approach to image composition
  • Concepts such as light, color, balance, viewpoint
  • Understanding relationships between objects in a photo
  • Why sometimes, “less is more,” and how to apply this concept to make great photos
  • Why applying these concepts into your photography will make you into a better photographer
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“This is an easy to read, nicely laid out, and most importantly, enjoyable ebook. Further compounding this is the fact that it looks fantastic on the iPad. The notion that you are actually learning photography tricks is tucked away in splendid photos and descriptions that inspire your creativity. If you buy only one book this year, you can’t go wrong with this one!”
Chris Nitz
“At 50 Pages, the book carries a substantial number of useful pointers for photographers of all skill levels. I would recommend this book to any photographer who [wants] to revisit all the important concepts behind composition and even some of the psychology behind image making.”
Dan Moughamian


Going Fast with Light

Going_fast_with_light_bookYou know what makes an image great. You can look through a lens and visualize your masterpiece. Unfortunately, you still have no idea how to use the tools at your disposal to achieve your vision.

Going Fast with Light teaches you the nitty-gritty technical details so you can properly use your tools to take better photos. Specifically, you’ll learn about using off-camera flash in outdoor settings, where even the best photographers have trouble against the elements of nature.

With the techniques used by Dan Bailey, you’ll be able to efficiently take control of lighting situations even when you face great challenges such as the sun, and you’ll be able to do it without having to lug cumbersome, heavy lighting equipment.


You will learn:

  • What equipment to purchase that is both affordable and easy to carry
  • Professional lighting schemes using single or multiple flashes
  • Which methods work best for triggering off camera remote flashes
  • How to make colored lights look natural
  • How to solve lightingproblems with your flashes
  • Professional lighting schemes using single or multiple flashes
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“This eBook is an outstanding resource, whether you’re totally new to off-camera flash, or you’re a pro photographer looking for ways to lighten up your arsenal of off-camera lighting gear!”
As Seen by Janine Blog
“Overall this is a fantastic book for learning about off-camera lighting in outdoor/adventure situations. It’s a wealth of information, examples and great photos by Dan Bailey.”
Matt Koenig Photography


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