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Add a unique edge to your photos with this Capture One Styles Pack.

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Author: Nathan Elson Photography

Are you looking for a quick, inexpensive way to jazz up your photos?

We hear you…
Even the best effects and presets on the market get stale after you’ve used them a lot. You long for something new. Something original. Something with variety and fun.
What you really need is a full collection of quality presets, each different from the other. And they need to be easy to use. Because who has time to fiddle around with cumbersome technology? After all, you’re not a technician. You’re an artist.

Are you tired of using the same old effects over and over? At last, you can find presets that pop, adding subtle stylized effects to your photos with ease. And for a price you can afford!

Read on to learn more.

Capture One Styles in Two Convenient Packs

Nathan Elson’s incredible presets now come in two packs for your convenience: Cinematic & Black & White.

NOTE: These style packs works only with Capture One 10 and up versions. Not with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Cinematic Capture One Styles Pack

This pack includes:

  • Bwck: Create images in gritty black-and-white.
  • Focus: Subtly enhance key details with the use of shadow.
  • Charcoal: Dramatic dark shades lend a unique look to any photo.
  • Bwpop: Make small details pop with a black and white contrast.
  • Cinema: Give your subject all the drama of a darkened movie theater.
  • Huehue: Subtly highlight selected colors.
  • Dark Spaces: Add an element of shadowy mystery.
  • Push and Pull: Draws you in yet holds you at a distance.
  • Sun Kissed: Lends your photo warm, cheery tones of summer.
  • Cool Off: Provides the peaceful cool tone of a lake shore.
  • Get Chilly: The sparkling look of winter.
cinematic capture one styles
Cinematic Effect Sample-2
cinematic effect sample 3
cinematic sample 4
cinematic sample 5

Capture One Black-and-White Styles Pack

This pack comes with these great effects:

● Carbon
● Edimag
● Hkl
● Focus
● Bwck
● Paris
● Shades of Grey
● Slate
Each style in these packs will work with all camera types. For best results, use them with
images that have been shot and processed as a RAW file.
The styles come on two zip files, each containing eight individual Capture One Styles.

Capture One Styles -1
capture one style- BW-Styles-1

Convenient Artistry At Your Fingertips

As you can tell, this collection of presets is unlike any other.
Seasoned photographer Nathan Elson has carefully developed them with many years of bold yet careful experience.

These tried-and-true effects have been shown to enhance your photography quickly and easily, making your workflow both seamless and powerful.
Once you’ve purchased them, you’ll have an unlimited supply of dramatic and eye-catching effects at your fingertips. Your art will never be the same!

These effects will set you apart as a true professional. And they are so easy to achieve. All it takes is your imagination to bring them to life.

These style packs are well worth every penny you spend on them. Typically these packs of Capture One Styles are available for $80. But for a limited time, you can grab them here for just $39.

It’s a deal that you really can’t afford to miss. You will love the effects that you’re able to achieve. But even better than that, you’ll love the
time you’ll save.

That’s time you can put right back into your work, seeking out subjects, models, inspiration. And you can feel confident that you can easily bring your vision to life.
If you’ve always longed for visually striking black-and-white or cinematic effects, this is your best chance to make them happen.

We’re sure that once you’ve started using these uniquely wonderful presets, you will never look back.

Grab This Deal And Let Nathan Elson’s Capture One Styles, Breathe
New Life Into Your Work.

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1 review for Nathan Elson’s Capture One Style Packs

  1. [email protected]

    A great style pack with gorgeous cinematic looks. The styles are well documented and named to hint at when to use and how. The overall quality is not as good as the Phase One Styles, but close.

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