Convert Lightroom Presets into Capture One Styles

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Convert Lightroom presets into Capture One styles with ease


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Hard To Resist The Appeal Of Capture One Styles?

They have amazing potential to instantly add drama and flair to any photo, usually with just a few clicks.

Capture One styles of the Capture One plugin are similar to Lightroom presets in the way they can transform your images effortlessly. However, the Capture One plugin gives you more options for controlling the color and layering of these images so you can capture your vision more easily.

One drawback? If you’ve already found some amazing Lightroom presets that you love, you may not want to leave these behind to start using Capture One.

If you’re like most of us, you’d love to take your favorite Lightroom presets along with you to brave new worlds of photographic innovation.

However, this might seem difficult to do. You’ve invested many hours into finding or creating the presets that work perfectly with your unique style. To start all over from scratch on a new platform is intimidating, to say the least.

Imagine if there were an easy way to convert all your beloved Lightroom presets into Capture One styles. But that’s probably too much to ask.

Or is it?

If you’re longing to take your Lightroom presets with you to Capture One Styles, we have a solution.

Let’s See How This Works!

All You Need To Transition From Lightroom Presets To The Capture One Styles

The purchase of this Preset Converter can open all kinds of doors that you were only able to imagine before.

As much as we’ve always loved Lightroom, once you start using Capture One Plugin, you’ll be hooked.

Especially once you find that you can still use all the presets you love…with even more dramatic and intense effect.

The process of converting presets to Capture One styles is so simple that you’ll soon find yourself doing it all the time!

All you have to do is select the presets you want to use from a saved folder and load them into Capture One. Then adjust the white balance and the color to get the desired effects.

capture one plugin feature

The Converter is compatible with both Mac and PC, and comes with its own step-by-step user manual.

Before you know it, you will love Capture One styles just as much as you love your Lightroom presets…opening many new ways to experiment with your images.

With the double magic of Lightroom and Capture One styles at your fingertips, you will find that you’re able to create all kinds of stunning images that you could only have imagined until now.

Because no matter how much you love Lightroom, sometimes you need more.

You just need that little bit of extra pizazz in your photos. And Capture One is a convenient way to deliver that.

Original Capture

capture one plugin example

Post Lightroom Preset

capture one plugin example

Original Capture

capture one plugin example

Post Capture One Style

capture one plugin example

Advantages Of This Preset Converter

This new Preset Converter offers you some amazing advantages if you’re longing to make the switch from Lightroom to Capture One.

Here are just a few.

  • The ability to easily transfer and use the Lightroom presets you’ve created into Capture One
  • Conversion of .xmp or .lr template presets
  • Simultaneous conversion of any number of presets
  • Creation of individual styles and style packs
  • Large choice of Lightroom presets that are now available for use in Capture One
  • No need to recreate anything, even gradual curves

With all these wonderful attributes, we’re confident you’ll want to get started right away.

A Peep Into The UI Of The Preset Converter

capture one plugin snippet 3

Preset Converter GUI

capture one plugin snippet


capture one plugin snippet 4

Setting Options

The Limitation Is Now An Advantage With This Convertor

Where Capture One lacks is the variety. There are far fewer Capture One styles than there are Lightroom presets. But this converter makes these limitations disappear.

Once you’re able to move effortlessly between Capture One and Lightroom, you can rightly consider yourself a master photographer.

Yet even so, you will not have to command a master photographer’s budget.

Because we are currently offering this versatile and life-changing photographic tool for a one-time price of just $29.

That is $50 off the regular selling price of $79.

And you can be sure that it will be more than worth every penny, as you’ll use it again and again with consistently powerful results.

Download The Preset Converter & Use The Capture One Plugin More Efficiently

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2 reviews for Convert Lightroom Presets into Capture One Styles

  1. Keith

    Been thinking about moving to Capture One for a while.
    Getting the converter has meant not loosing the use of all my LR presets.
    All this and at a great price.


    Having been a late convert to Capture One from Lightroom, I have purchased many LR presets over the years and have a number of tried and tested favourites among them. I found that quite a few that I depend on are not coded for the Capture One platform. Those that are come at an additional premium which I begrudge paying, having bought the LR presets when the vendors had not released their stock on the Capture One platform. I was a little dubious about the efficacy of “Convert Lightroom Presets Into Capture One Styles”, but needn’t have worried. For most part it is simplicity itself, quick, and you get what it promises. Some LR presets cannot be converted in their entirety because they include functions that Capture One does not possess. White balance is also neutralised so the user can set that manually to their own taste. This is because Capture One uses a more refined colour engine than LR. All in all I am very pleased with the results of this software and can see that it is regularly being updated and worked on by the developer. It will make the transfer from LR to Capture One so much sweeter and an awful lot cheaper, avoiding the need to repurchase favoured presets.

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