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The below picture shows how dirt looks like on your camera sensor.

Every picture taken from this camera would have same spots until the sensor is cleaned

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What’s important when creating beautiful photography?

We’re willing to bet that the first things you think of have to do with lenses or editing software. The last thing on your mind for taking better photos is camera lens cleaner.

It’s easy to underestimate how much of a difference a clean camera lens can make to the quality of your photos. But a side-by-side comparison of the same photo taken with a dirty lens and a clean lens shows that the difference is dramatic.

And the brighter the colors and light in your photos, the more those tell-tale smudges and dirt spots can ruin it.

Even so, it can be a challenge for busy photographers to keep their camera lens pristine. Dust, dirt and debris are everywhere. Every time you change your camera lens, you are subjecting it to the inevitable blur and haze of dirt.

Traditional methods of cleaning your lens are inconvenient and messy. They can even harm your camera lens if you use too much camera lens cleaner or too little.

So what to do? We have a solution.

Aurora Camera Care & Lens Cleaning Kits

How to Use the Aurora Camera Care Sensor & Lens Cleaning Kits

The Aurora Camera Care Sensor Kit takes the mess and guesswork out of cleaning your camera sensor.

This specially formulated camera cleaner is safe to use on camera sensors. And it comes in 10 Ultra Soft Two-Ply Microfiber Cleaning Swabs, carefully vacuum sealed and protected against dust and lint. The Pre-moistened Swabs come with the exact right amount of sensor-safe cleaner, perfectly formulated for your camera lens.

Before beginning, make sure that you have the right kit for your camera: Full Frame, APS-C, or Micro Four Thirds. It’s also important to make sure that your camera is fully charged.

Next take one of the packaged sets of two swabs (one wet, one dry).

Then pull the swabs out halfway. If you have a Mirrorless camera, remove your lens and you will see your sensor right away. If you have a DSR camera, flip up your mirror according to the directions on your instruction manual and camera menu. Then pull the wet swab all the way out of its packaging and go over the sensor at a 45-degree angle in a specific direction. Flip it to the clean end and repeat, first from the top and then from the bottom. Throw out the swab when finished.

Next repeat the same procedure with the dry swab.

It’s that simple! There’s no longer any excuse for avoiding cleaning your camera sensor.

Watch it in action below

All The Available Options To Buy

2 Kits For Optimum Camera Sensor Cleaning

These features are included in all three camera lens cleaner kits.

  • These kits come in 3 variants Full Frame, APS-C, and Micro Four Thirds.
  • Safer and easier sensor and lens cleaning
  • A two-step wet and dry process
  • 10 Ultra Soft Two-Ply Microfiber Cleaning Swab
  • Pre-moistened swabs and Dry Wipes
  • No messy bottles of cleaner

The Perfect Camera Lens Cleaner

This easy, two-step process means you can your lens as often as you need to. And the difference in your photos is sure to be apparent.

Besides better photos, you will also gain back a significant amount of lost time. No longer will it be necessary to spend hours painstakingly retouching photos to get rid of unsightly spots and smudges.

Not to mention the time you’ll save by using the Pre Moistened Swabs instead of a lot of messy bottles.

And there are three different kits available for your convenience, created for three different camera types So it’s simple to find a camera lens cleaner that is just right for you.

And there’s never been a better time to purchase this user-friendly camera lens cleaner! It is now available for just $22.50 plus shipping charges. That’s a small price to pay for drastically improving your photos and reducing the time it takes to produce them.

Product Details –

ACC-FF-B: Has both Lens cleaning and Sensor Cleaning
ACC-APSC-B: Has both Lens cleaning and Sensor Cleaning
ACC-MFT-B: Has both Lens cleaning and Sensor Cleaning

ACC-FF: Has Sensor Cleaning
ACC-APSC: Has Sensor Cleaning
ACC-MFT: Has Sensor Cleaning

Shipping Details –

Item will be shipped within 10 business days to your provided address. Shipping rates are as under –

USA – $5

Canada / Mexico – $13.50

International – $18.50

Pick up this camera lens cleaner today and get ready to transform your workflow!

$22.50$27.00 Select options

Select the product & country

ACC-FF: USA, ACC-FF: Canada/Mexico, ACC-FF: International, ACC-APSC: USA, ACC-APSC: Canada/Mexico, ACC-APSC: International, ACC-MFT: USA, ACC-MFT: Canada/Mexico, ACC-MFT: International, ACC-FF-B: USA, ACC-FF-B: Canada/Mexico, ACC-FF-B: International, ACC-APSC-B: USA, ACC-APSC-B: Canada/Mexico, ACC-APSC-B: International, ACC-MFT-B: USA, ACC-MFT-B: Canada/Mexico, ACC-MFT-B: International


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