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Author: Peter Dam

The Best Capture One Styles Out There

Do you want an easy, inexpensive way to add the best Capture One Styles to your photography toolbox?

This unique software gives you many amazing capabilities that you could only imagine before, especially when it comes to photo editing.

After all, who has time to spend hours in the digital darkroom playing with photos to get them to come out exactly right?

Even the best photo editing software takes time to use, not to mention the time you spend just learning how to use it.

Black & White Effects
Before/After Effect With Presets

With all the bells and whistles available nowadays, sometimes you want to just keep things simple. Unfortunately, simplicity often results in mediocre photography.

What you really need is photo editing software that allows you to create stunning photos time and time again, without the extra time fussing and tinkering.

You need a look that marks you consistently as a professional with polished results that never fail to impress.

At the same time, like most photographers, you’re on a tight budget, making it even more of a challenge to achieve the professional results you want.

Capture One Styles offer the advantage of allowing you to work directly with RAW files, taking them to a professional level without any fuss or muss.

But it’s almost impossible to find the best Capture One Styles for a price you can afford. Until now.

2 Amazing Bundles For 1 Low Price

Pack 1 : Black & White Silver PRO – 18 Styles

  • BW Bright and Easy Toned
  • BW Cool Silver Toned Style
  • BW Eagle Eye Style
  • BW Fine Art Architecture
  • BW Fine Art Architecture High Contrast
  • BW Hair Pleaser
  • BW High Key Soft
  • BW I Feel Lucky
  • BW Low Key Soft
  • BW Low Key Structure
  • BW Matte
  • BW Matte Contrast
  • BW Matte Toned
  • BW Silhouette Hero
  • BW Silver Grain
  • BW Stormy Sunset
  • BW Structure & Detail Booster
  • BW Yellow Boost

Compatibilty & Specification:

  • Compatibility with Capture One 12 and Up
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac Devices

Pack 2 : Essentials – 24 Styles

  • Blue Killer
  • Bright and Airy
  • Bright and Airy – Extra Soft
  • BW – Clarity in the Mountains
  • BW – Split Toned
  • BW – Over the Bridge
  • BW – Sensitive Bride
  • Classic Vintage
  • Color Grading – Golden Hour Boost
  • Color Grading – Orange Teal
  • Cool Blue Shadow Portrait
  • Cool Gannet Style
  • Cool Skies
  • Desaturated Blue Mood
  • Details Booster
  • Faded Warm
  • Mossy Look
  • Outdoor Elite
  • Pine Forest Faded Portrait
  • Saving the Sadhu
  • Soft and Beautiful on the Lake
  • Soft Bubble Portrait
  • Soft Orange Teal
  • Structured Wedding

Compatibilty & Specification:

  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac Devices
  • Full Layers Support

Before/After Magic With Silver Pro Styles


BW Eagle Eye Style

BW High Key Structure

BW Bright & Easy Toned

capture one styles
luts capture one
capture one luts
luts for capture one


BW Yellow Boost

BW Cool Silver Toned

BW Hair Pleaser

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Before/After Magic With Essential Styles


Orange Teal

Blue Killer

Cool Blue Shadow Portrait

capture one styles
Styles bundle
Capture One


Soft Bubble Portrait

Structured Wedding

BW Sensitive Bride

Preset Bundle
Preset Bundle
capture one styles

Get 1 Step Ahead with Professional Capture One Styles

With these 2 collections combined in one, you now have access to all the best Capture One Styles you can find in the market.

Whether you want bright primary colors or cool silver tones, weddings or wildlife, you will never have to search for the look you want, saving you tons of time.

And even better, you’ll also save time by applying the desired effects directly to your RAW image files, cutting out lots of laborious steps in the editing process.

This workflow empowers you to create professional-grade images consistently, over and over. 

Before/After Effects
capture one styles packs

Not only that, but you can give photos in the same series a consistent look, truly marking you as a professional.

While the results are at a genuine professional level, the price definitely is not.

Right now, you can get both these incredible collections in one convenient download for just $29, almost $30 off the original selling price.

So if you’ve ever wanted to try, now’s your chance to get the best capture one styles out there.

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