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2 Courses To Uncover The Power Of Affinity Photo​ & Become A Master

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Author: Peter Dam

Next-Gen Photo Editing With Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is the next big thing in the world of photo editing, with good reason. 

If you’ve discovered it, you probably just can’t wait to add it to your repertoire.

This software offers an array of features and tools that allow you to take your photographs from blah to brilliant, that small added edge that marks you as a professional.

But if you’ve started using Affinity Photo, you also know how overwhelming it is. 

Affinity Photo
Affinity Photo Course

The sheer volume of possibilities available, as much as they might allure you, can fluster you at the same time.

You might be tempted to give up. After all, who has time to spend messing around with an unfamiliar platform?

And if you do persevere, you still might not be reaping all the benefits of this versatile platform. 

You may have mastered a few fun tricks, but truthfully, it is such an extensive resource, that many photographers never get much further than scratching the surface of what it can do.

A quick Google search brings up all kinds of video tutorials and lessons, but these videos are often posted by amateurs who are sharing what they’ve learned just from messing around with the software.

What you need is a seasoned expert to guide you by sharing their knowledge.

But how can you find someone like that? Well, we’ve solved that problem for you.

Advanced Affinity Tutorial

2 Affinity Video Courses Combined In 1 Package:

1. Affinity Photo Workflow Video Course (140 Min)

  • Getting to Know Affinity Photo
  • Cropping and Spot Removal
  • Working with Masks in Affinity Pro
  • Working with Layers in Affinity Photo
  • Working with Selections in Affinity Photo
  • Dodge & Burning Non-Destructively
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Live Filters: Sharpening, Noise Reduction, High Pass Filter, Clarity
  • Using Blend Layers with Adjustment Layers
  • Establishing Your Workflow
  • Workflow Steps for Processing a Photo in Black and White
  • Quick Edit Workflow Using Macros
  • Sharpening and Resizing for the Web
    Finalizing for Print
  • 3 Case Studies
  • 3 Bonus Workflow Macros

2. Affinity Photo Advanced Video Course (2.5 Hr)

  • Exposure Blending with Luminosity Mask in Affinity Photo
  • Exposure Blending with Blend Ranges in Affinity Photo
  • Learn to Create Macros and Batch Process Your Images
  • Color Grading
  • Automatic Focus Stacking
  • Manual Focus Stacking
  • Using Image Stacks to Create Light Trail Images
  • Edit Wildlife Photos

Learn When and How to Dodge and Burn Non-Destructively

Affinity For Beginners

Learn To Work With Selections, Adjustment Layers, Masks, Live Filters & Much More

Best Editing Tutorial

Learn Color Grading, Batch Processing & More

Affinity Software

Learn Focus Stacking, Exposure Blending & A Lot More

Affinity User Interface

Here Are Some Raving Reviews For This Bundle

Unlock All the Secrets of Affinity Photo

If you’ve been wishing it were possible to leap from beginner to expert status in the use of Affinity Photo, now’s your chance.

Instructor Peter Dam uses both Affinity Photo and Photoshop seamlessly, moving in and out of them as needed depending on the requirements of the job. And with his clear and expert guidance, you’ll soon be doing the same thing.

Both platforms have enormous potential for transforming your photography into stunning, professional-level images, but each of them works better for different things. 

Affinity Editing Tutorial
Photo Editing Software

And if you’re not using both of them with equal confidence, then you’re missing out.

Both of these courses take you through every step of the process of creating images in Affinity Photo, from opening a RAW image all the way to publishing your final product online or in print. 

The practical instructions here make it easy for you to absorb Affinity Photo as part of your workflow, so that it’s use comes naturally. 

And the workflow presented by your instructor has been tested and proven to result in amazing results every time you use it.

Once you’ve mastered this workflow, you’ll be ready to take it to the next level, you’ll be ready for advanced features like exposure blending, focus stacking, and color grading.

This depth of expert instruction is priceless. But right now, you can get both of these courses for the price of $29, an incredible discount from its original selling price of $58.

Affinity Workflow

Get This Bundle To Master Affinity Photo In No Time!

4 reviews for Affinity Photo – Video Course Bundle

  1. Charles

    Very useful video.

  2. Jay

    Affinity is a great. The course help me learn how to use the program.

  3. Charles

    Affinity is a great product and the course help me to get to grip with my editing

  4. Patrick Early

    Affinity Photo is a great product and I love having it as an addition/alternative to PhotoShop. However, the learning curve can be steep (remember using PhotoShop for the first time?) So it’s wonderful to have a course that takes you through all of the software and gives you a workflow to follow step by step. Once you’ve seen that, you can modify to you hearts content but you’ll have a great starting point.

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