Black C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution
Revolutionary Camera Strap Technology from Custom SLR

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C-Loop camera strap attachment by Custom SLR

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Remove the hassles of your camera strap

See the C-loop in action! (Note: silver C-loop is shown)

Made of aerospace-grade aluminum, the C-Loop enables the camera to hang safely and comfortably at a photographer's side and helps to prevent tangling of the camera strap.

Turning any strap into a comfy sling, the C-Loop, which integrates the C-handle for easy hand tightening of the unit.

The C-loop allows your camera to swivel 360 degrees for smooth panning while still allowing quick access to the camera.

It is fully compatible with most camera straps and any device with a tripod mount.


After Custom SLR sold out of their initial batch of black C-loops, this edition of the C-loop was never released to the general public. For a limited time, you can get your hands on the sleek black edition of the C-loop for only $35.

"I'm very impressed with the design and construction quality of Custom SLR products. Highly recommended!"
Michael Zhang, PetaPixel
"The C-Loop corrects that awful camera strap. It's fast on, fast off, and solves all the problems of twisty uncomfortable straps."
Emmm, CheesyCam

A close-up look at the C-loop

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