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Author: Damien Lovegrove

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Do you geek out about using natural light? How confident are you shooting on-location? Do you want to master it with Damien Lovegrove?

using Natural Light 004When working with using natural light, you have a limited amount of options. You must work with whatever the world’s giving you. If it’s cloudy or sunshine, bright or dark, you got to adapt to what nature throws your way.

And light is so important. There is so much riding on it. Light defines your work. Why would you chance it with a “let’s see what happens” attitude?

A geek of light, Damien Lovegrove truly understands its power. He’s a master of understanding what he sees and getting results to match his inspiration.

That’s why I’m amazed that he can force natural light to fit his imagination. It seems like luck. But it’s not. Damien Lovegrove takes the luck out of it.

If you’ve seen his other videos we’ve shared with you then you know what I’m talking about. Lovegrove has an uncanny ability to achieve beautiful every time.

And with Using Natural Light, you’ll learn the necessary equipment, techniques, and directions to making vibrant and dramatic on-location portraiture – just like him. You’ll learn the specifics to making natural light work for you.

BONUS: You’ll also get a supplemental 25min video showing you how Lovegrove post-processes his own images. You’ll learn his entire professional Lightroom to Photoshop workflow and get techniques you can use in your editing immediately.

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Vibrant inspiration, techniques, and philosophy to mastering using natural light.

You have the ability to do whatever you like, however you like. But what’s the most effective and efficient method of controlling what you see? How do you work natural light? Here’s a master who knows and over 77 minutes of instruction to help.

But if you haven’t encountered Lovegrove’s remarkable intelligence and charm, let me tell you something: You’re really missing out. Lovegrove is teacher unlike any other.

You see Lovegrove has a substantial ability to distill necessary advice and lessons into digestible and simple tidbits. You’ll learn without even realizing you’re learning. It’ll seem like you’re part of the crew.

using Natural Light 003And as expected from training videos nowadays, you’ll get the standard exposure details: ISO, shutter speed, f-stops, and specialized techniques/equipment used.

But unique to Lovegrove and these videos is his friendly approach to shooting and teaching. Ever the professional, Lovegrove avoids clutter. Pays attention to details. And has the know-how to make dramatic light anywhere, anytime.

Who wouldn’t want to learn all his secrets? Learn all of his thoughts, his techniques, and confidence when working with natural light?

With Using Natural Light, you’ll learn the Lovegrove way to maximizing the possibilities of using natural light.

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So that’s great, but what’s all included?

  • Over 77 minutes of professional Damien Lovegrove instruction: knowledgeable, charming, substantial education done with class and unmatched presentation.
  • Learn every setting used, all equipment required, and inspiration to working with using natural light
  • High Production Value: 5 days of professional shooting. 20 Locations. 7 Models. 3 weeks in post-production.
  • Learn how to shoot with natural light indoors and out, during sunshine or overcast, and get an insider track to directing models.
“I bought the lighting DVD’s and already feel that I have learned so much from them. Your productions are both professional and able to convey a lot of information in a simple way!”
Gary, customer
“I treated myself to your lighting DVD’s at Christmas and have not stopped watching them since they arrived. So much information, enthusiasm and amazing imagery, totally inspiring.”
Andy, customer

using Natural Light Damien_lovegrove

About the Author: Damien Lovegrove

using Natural Light Damien lovegroveDamien Lovegrove is the managing director of the Lovegrove Photography brands. His life in his words…

“I grew up with my parents among the orchard and hop farms of rural Kent. My mother is an art teacher and my father was an architect. I’ve always been a visual person having been taught about composition, texture and form in art from an early age. I was 12 when I first experienced the magic of making photographs with a Patterson enlarger in the bathroom. I’ll never forget the pungent aroma of the stop bath chemicals. Two magical moments I am glad to have experienced at an early age are peering at the processed film for the first time as it is removed from the processing tank and watching the image form on the photographic paper in the developer tray.”

“I’m inspired by beauty and as I have matured as a photographer I’ve learned to see beauty in just about everyone and everywhere. It’s not what I look at that matters to me it is what I see. I am always converting the three dimensional scene in front of me into a two dimensional image in my mind. The exhilarating visual experience I have every moment of the day drives my passion for photography. I love studying the work of other photographers to relive the excitement of their captured moment.”

“I’m a self motivated guy with quite an entrepreneurial streak in me. It’s been quite a journey from my days at the BBC where I trained and worked as a cameraman and lighting director. 14 years of BBC life taught me nothing about making money but everything about image making that I could ever have dreamed of. The entrepreneurial skills came later in life when I embarked on a lucrative career and teamed up with my wife Julie as wedding photographers. Having a distinct style kept our work at a premium level and we charged high fees accordingly. After 10 years and 400 weddings it was Damien Lovegrove who thought it was time to move on.”

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    I have recently started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.

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