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Create breathtaking HDR photography by learning from the best in the world.

1-treyTrey Ratcliff has been called the “Pioneer of HDR Photography” and runs the #1 travel photography blog on the internet, Stuck in Customs. His unique techniques and vibrant HDR photos have been featured in popular blogs, magazines, and mainstream media. Get his step-by-step guide to creating amazing photos with this HDR Video Tutorial Course, which teaches you his unique insider’s perspective on making beautiful images.

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1-ssTrey Ratcliff has condensed his years of experience in taking thousands of brilliant HDR photos into a single carefully-crafted video course that exposes his entire collection of HDR techniques. This HDR Video Tutorial Course contains 11.5 hours of video to watch, 130 real RAW images to practice on, and a free ebook to tie it together. It is the definitive and most comprehensive course on HDR available, and it is guaranteed to supercharge your HDR photography.

“This is the best photo editing webinar or course I have ever taken. Trey, thank you so much for the info and for the encouragement to express my creativity in new ways.”
Tad Wade, Texas
“I would like to thank Trey for his generous, giving nature…. In addition to a tremendous leap forward in my HDR photography, he helped me redefine the focus of my photography.”
Keith Bradshaw, California

Learn Trey Ratcliff ‘s phenomenal techniques by using them exactly as he does.

HomeworkIt’s hard to learn anything by just reading a book or watching a video. That’s why Trey’s video course includes 130 RAW images, exercises, and homework to help make each lesson second nature for you. Use the exact images that Trey uses in his video to learn his techniques quickly. Just by taking the course you’ll be transforming images in a way that you’ve never before thought possible.

Check out the following images to view the exact results that you’ll be creating in this HDR video course:

(hover for before/after, click for larger images)

This video course is a very rare chance to see exactly what goes on in the mind of one of the greatest HDR photographers in the world as he’s processing his images. Every technique that makes Trey Ratcliff’s photography great is revealed through detailed, step-by-step instructions, and immediately put into practice through targeted exercises and sample images.

“I have been doing HDR for over 3 years. Now I’m ready to go back and reprocess my favorites using Trey’s techniques.”
Debi Beauregard, Texas
“It was really amazing to get 9+ hours of Trey’s time to learn how he does what he does. Priceless.”
Jeanine Moore, Pennsylvania



Gain a deep understanding of HDR photography in this comprehensive course.

Trey Ratcliff’s HDR Video Tutorial Course has all the information you need to become an excellent HDR photographer. If you’re willing to put in the practice, you will undoubtedly your own photo quality quickly and dramatically improve. Here is a small selection of topics discussed in each lesson:

    • Lesson 1

      • Challenging your photography
      • Deep photography foundations knowledge
      • Getting outside of the photography bubble
      • Typical workflow demo
      • Common HDR mistakes
    • Lesson 2

      • The forums and the experience of learning together
      • Canon + Nikon setup and autobracketing
      • Bracketing techniques and camera settings
      • 3 different HDR processing examples
      • Composing for HDR photos
    • Lesson 3

      • How and why to share your photos online
      • How to take criticism and what to expect
      • Balancing technical and artistic aspects
      • Photo critiques and double tone-mapping demo
      • Wide angle and chromatic aberration discussion
    • Lesson 4

      • Layers and post-processing techniques
      • Pixel-peeping, chromatic aberration, and noise
      • How the eye works and the implications of this
      • Make impressions rather than photos
      • Demos of layers in Photoshop and Elements
    • Lesson 5

      • Composition and setting up shots
      • Color in composition
      • Wide angle and lens choice for composition
      • Cropping and composition demo image
      • Night photography noise discussion
    • Lesson 6

      • How to be confident in your work
      • Photographer psychology
      • Strengths and weaknesses of Photomatix
      • Photomatix processing demos
      • Q&A on photography flow and other issues
    • Lesson 7

      • Learning by guessing, trying, and making mistakes
      • Forest image exercise
      • Three complete demos showing different tools
    • Lesson 8

      • The business of photography
      • Sharing photos with the community
      • Three more complete post-processing demos
    • Lesson 9

      • Breakdown and discussions of popular photos
      • Finding new ideas by examining other photos
      • Demos on advanced techniques
    • Top 10 Mistakes in HDR Processing

      • Common mistakes of both beginners and experts
      • How to avoid the mistakes that kill HDR photos
      • Detailed example images for each issue

In addition to the video topics, Trey’s hand-picked examples that include over 130 RAW files allow you to quickly learn his techniques and immediately put them to use. Purchasing this course also gives you access to Trey Ratcliff’s exclusive Clubhouse forum to trade secrets with like-minded photographers. The HDR Video Course covers all the information you need to take more stunning photos immediately.

“It was well organized, but not ‘slick.’ There was a feeling of being in a classroom with a great prof.”
Ken Parker, California
“Trey has a magical way of teaching that is fairly non-traditional.”
Cliff Baise, Texas


Trey Ratcliff has condensed his years of HDR experience into this comprehensive video course guaranteed to improve your photography. This is the lowest price ever offered for Trey Ratcliff’s video course, and it’s only available for a single week.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn stunning photography and post-processing techniques from one of the most successful and experienced HDR photographers in the world, Trey Ratcliff.


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