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Best tips for street photography

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Author: Frank Doorhof

It’s one of the really paradoxical things about photography. It’s all about spontaneity…but it’s also all about planning.

You need more than just street photography tips. You need to learn how to prepare for that perfect shot, without losing any of the candid appeals of the moment.

As a photographer, you are constantly walking the line between enjoying the scenery and capturing it with your camera.

Even when it’s your leisure time, there is still a part of you that is always working, taking note of that perfect sunset, that striking piece of architecture.

You find yourself wanting to get a shot of that sweet old lady on a park bench, but you’re not sure if you should ask first, or how.

street photography tips
street photography tips

If you give in to the mood and decide to capture some spontaneous shots, you often find that they’re not really what you hoped. If you’re on vacation or just out on the town, chances are you’re not carrying all the equipment you need with you.

In your haste to capture the moment before it fades, you haven’t really planned everything optimally. For that reason, the result is not up to your usual standards of quality.

This leads you to ponder: Is it possible to plan the perfect moment…while still enjoying the spontaneity? Is there a way to prepare for the perfect photo shoot…while at the same time never knowing quite when it’s going to occur?

Live in the moment, prepare for it at the same time…

Beyond Snaps brings you two fantastic street & travel photography resources in one great deal.

Beyond Snaps New York gives you 100 minutes of video instruction to help you make the most of those memory-making, spontaneous moments, using the amazing city of New York as a backdrop

The course gives you specific suggestions about the gear and techniques to bring your own New York journey vividly to life without compromising your relaxation and spontaneity.

The course contains specific sections related to street photography, candid shots, and landscapes. It also provides practical advice about specific locations like Chinatown, Coney Island, and Times Square.

You can get a step-by-step rundown of the best way to approach New Yorkers about appearing in candid shots, and guidance on how to find the best locations for photography in the Big Apple. You will gain insider knowledge of exactly the right angle, lens, and lighting to capture New York scenes on the fly.

You will master the art of photography during bus tours, sporting events, and at night. And you will learn how to handle everyday hassles like transporting gear and working in rain or extreme cold.

street photography tips
street photography tips

In addition, you will also get Beyond Snaps Street and Travel Photography Tips. In this 95-minute video course, Frank Doorhof gives you expert advice on specific gear and techniques for capturing spontaneous moments on your next vacation adventure.

Set against his own journey through Sweden, you get a step-by-step breakdown of candid portraits, street photography, landscapes, and so much more.

Use your GPS to discover hidden gems on your trip. Master unique camera angles and lenses. And always be ready for that magical shot when the moment occurs.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of Frank’s amazing shots…

street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips
street photography tips

Two unbeatable collections of street photography tips!

There are plenty of ways to learn about street and travel photography. But you won’t find anything quite like these video courses.

Here you can uncover all the secrets of creating spontaneous snapshots that hold all the finesse of a professional.

Not only that, but it’s the only place where you will find such practical and location-specific instruction about photography in New York. So if you’re planning a vacation or just some downtime in the Big Apple, this truly is a course that you cannot do without.

And both courses are taught by Frank Doorhof, an experienced instructor in travel photography.

The knowledge you will gain here is worth hundreds of dollars, but we are offering it at an amazing deal of just $39.

You won’t find this much practical knowledge at such a price anywhere else.

street photography tips

Practical tips for every situation

This video training course gives you hands-on suggestions for almost any situation you can think of while taking photos in New York or on vacation anywhere.

Here are just a few:

Beyond Snaps New York

  • How to shoot on the street
  • Finding the best locations
  • Lenses and cameras
  • Taking shots of people at sporting events
  • Travel and transport
  • Shooting in the rain
  • Angles

Beyond Snaps Street and Travel Photography Tips

  • How to keep backups on hand for troubleshooting outdoor photography
  • Tripod tips
  • How to get Internet in the outdoors
  • How to capture great photographic moments without ruining your vacation time
  • Lens lessons
  • How to access power while on the go

These are the street photography tips that you’ve been waiting for…

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