Smoke Photography – Demystify the art and learn how to nail it

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Author: SLR Lounge

Smoke Photography is tough due to its unpredictable and malleable nature

Ever tried to photograph a still-life of a cup of coffee where the smoke is sensually rising into the air?

It looks wonderful but capturing the smoke coming out of the piping hot coffee is the tough bit.

There are many reasons why someone would want to take photographs that feature smoke. It adds texture and character to any image. The examples of well utilized smoke in photography are endless.

The good news is that smoke photography does not take a whole bunch of special equipment to do it. All you need is a little guidance on how to capture smoke and a little information on how to edit it in post processing.

It is for these exact reasons that I recommend a Smoke Texture Pack.

This deal is the complete guide to creating and capturing smoke textures in photography. Not only will you learn how to shoot smoke, you will also learn how to create it and edit it in post processing.

The deal is broken down like this:

  • 10 Tips on How to Photograph Smoke and Fog
  • Smoke Textures for Compositing in 3 Simple Steps
  • How to RAW Process Smoke Textures for Fine Art
  • How to Create Smoke Brushes in Photoshop in 3 simple steps
  • How to add realistic smoke to images in 5 simple steps

Plus you get over 400 ready made smoke textures to use in your editing.

With photography, it is often hit or miss, this is especially true for smoke photography.

But with great risks come great rewards. The trickiest part for me was staging and lighting my set in a way that allowed me to capture smoke with accentuated voluminosity.

This deal taught me how to get there. And you can learn it too!

You will also be able to remove unwanted smoke areas and change contrast, levels, curves, highlights and shadows, until your photograph matches your vision.

This organizational system will make it easy for you to find the right smoke texture to match your scene.

Furthermore, you will learn how to add instant smoke effects to your images that were created from incense, matches and fog machines.

smoke photography smoke texture 1

 What’s Included In This Deal?

  • Over 400 Smoke Textures
  • Create Smoke Texture Fine Art Tutorial
  • Add Believable Smoke in 5 Steps
  • Learn to Create Your Own Smoke Textures Tutorial
  • Create Smoke Brushes in Photoshop in 3 simple steps

Make Your Photos Mesmerizing With Mystical Smoke & Fog Effects

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3 reviews for Smoke Photography – Demystify the art and learn how to nail it

  1. Steve Siu

    good resources for composite and helpful tutorials

  2. Guillaume Giordanino

    Great course for great results ! Photoshop made easy.

  3. Bob

    As usual your products are very good. Keep up the great work!

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