60 Professional Photoshop Retouching Actions By Nino Batista

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Sold By: Nino Batista
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Retouching, a necessity in today’s day and a scarcity when it comes to customizations!

We are here to exactly fill this void.

Among the thousands of retouching actions available in the market which assure flawless, excentuated, highlighted beautifications for a photographer these styles give your photo a very ordinary look which doesn’t justify your capture!

Many retouching action packs available will give you a neatly organized set of actions comprised as per seasons, occasions, or types of locations. But this segregation is what will make the actions monotonous and the captures boring!

There are times when the effect you desire does not fit neatly into a category. Sometimes you have a specific purpose in mind that goes far beyond what could be described so neatly, & you get tired of all the gimmicks.

All you want are set of retouching actions that are easy to use and provide you with innumerable permutations and combinations! A product that is affordable for an ammeture and created for the professionals.

What if we tell you we have just the right thing for you!

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60 NBP Actions: Your Photoshop Retouching Solution


It’s your lucky day today! Finally we have found the perfect retouching actions pack, which will deliver what it promises!

NBP Actions a product that is structured to help retouch captures right from the core of the captures. With structures and tweakings that allow you to not just create natural retouching effects that match and suit your imagination but also helps take your imagination 1 step forward by showing you what a professional retouching tool is capable of!

Before you know it, you will find yourself producing photos with quality, high-end retouching that you would have never deemed possible before.

For example, you can quickly add an atmospheric effect to your lens flare using the Smart Flare action. Or you can adjust a model’s skin tone to a more flattering one using the Red and Yellow Adjust effect.

And if you want to add non-destructive noise to your photo, you’ll love the Noise & Grain action.

The actions come with instructional pop-up messages and video tutorials, so even the utility of these tools is made easy for your understanding!

60 Actions to Transform Your Workflow

Nino has broken down his workflow into these steps:

  • General clean up
  • Dodge & burn and other skin perfecting
  • Detailed exposure correction and adjustments
  • Color correction
  • Color grading
  • Other color grading adjustments
  • Finalizing

He developed this workflow through many years of trial and error, and now you can benefit from this knowledge.

This package comes with 60 incredible actions, listed below:

NBP Workflow Actions Pack 001

Dodge & Burn
Dodge & Burn Con Boost
Quick Contouring
Contouring Curves
Contouring Levels
Noise & Grain Medium
Noise & Grain Heavy
Noise & Grain Xtra
Noise & Grain Smart
Compress (Soft)
Compress (Medium)
Compress (Hard)
Light Flare (Selection)
Light Flare (Layer)
Light Flare Advanced (Selection)
Light Flare Advanced (Layer)
Light Streaks (Selection)
Light Streaks (Layer)
Light Streaks Advanced (Selection)
Light Streaks Advanced (Layer)

Details & How-To Videos

NBP Workflow Actions Pack 002

Tri-Range Sharpening
Neutralize Highlights
Neutralize Deep Shadows
Balance Saturation
Face Focus
Vertical Exposure Balancing
Center Exposure Balancing Vertical
Center Exposure Balancing Horizontal
Sharpen Sharp Areas
Enhance DOF
Hair & Eyes Enhance
Jewelry Enhance
Jewelry Enhance Silver
QuickLumMasks Highlights
QuickLumMasks Midtones
QuickLumMasks Shadows
Dehaze Control
Auto Exposure Balancer Soft
Auto Exposure Balancer Medium
Auto Exposure Balancer Hard

Details & How-To Videos

NBP Workflow Actions Pack 003

Shadow Recover Simple
Shadow Recover Advanced
Tone Saturated Areas
Reduce Desaturated Areas
Boost Saturated Areas
Auto Warm Up Skin Tones
Skin Tone Grading
Compress High/Low Mask (Soft)
Compress High/Low Mask (Medium)
Midtones Contrast Boost
Compression + Contrast Boost
Specular Highlight Boost Full
Specular Highlight Boost Mask
Brighten Subject
Tri-Range Luminosity Toners
Shadow Toner
Midtones Toner
Highlights Toner
White Balance Adjust
Skin Contrast Reducer

Details & How-To Videos

These actions allow you an amazing variety of options that you may never have imagined before. Flawless control of the shades of black and white in your images.

Subtle enhancements of hair and eyes to make your models’ features look even more stunning. The ability to achieve a precise and attractive balance of white space.

Here Is How To Apply These Actions

You can watch the complete video playlist on YouTube for each of the actions included. Each of the video tutorials is made by Nino Batista while he was working on these actions.

Check out Some Of The Images After Applying NBP Actions

60 Professional Photoshop Retouching Actions By Nino Batista
60 Professional Photoshop Retouching Actions By Nino Batista
photoshop retouching actions 5
photoshop retouching actions 7
60 Professional Photoshop Retouching Actions By Nino Batista

The Best Quality Photo Retouching Actions On the Market

As you know, and we have rightly pointed earlier there are thousands of retouching actions available in the market.

But you won’t find any quite like this.

These Photoshop retouching actions were created with great care and diligence by Nino Batista. They are the same actions and processes which have made his work so successful.

A product created after a lot of research and study of the actual needs of a photographer, Nino assures to give you with actions and effects which can provide you with the results you have always wanted. The product is far from those gimmicks and promising actions which never get used. This product will be your to-go-to retouching tool! The retouching actions are a bliss to experience and magic to use!

These cut right to the heart of what you want to accomplish as a photographer.

They can be used effortlessly by novice photographers as well as seasoned professionals.

Because after all, it’s not about the hype. It’s about creating the exact look you want efficiently.

This set of Photoshop retouching actions takes you through each step of the process so you can master the best possible workflow under expert guidance.

It’s the only set of actions that treats you as a professional irrespective of the price you pay for it!

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Photo Retouching Actions

Grab These Unique Photoshop Retouching Actions Today Before It’s Too Late!

$60.00 $29.00

5 reviews for 60 Professional Photoshop Retouching Actions By Nino Batista

  1. [email protected]

    Very easy program to use and works well with Photoshop. Be sure to check out the free tutorials and setup videos to get the most out of the product!

  2. null

    These action created by the master N.Batista are production ready and industry standard.

    With them we could get the best results for our images.

    Last but not least, each one of these packs costs 20$ (+ taxes); for a mere 25$ you can grab the three of them.

    Superb deal as usual.

  3. Nasroullah Dinally

    These actions are so easy easy to use with free tutorials and for the price ,that’s a steal. Very pleased with the purchase. As a portrait and wedding photographer that comes very handy in my workflow. Highly recommended.

  4. Michael Breakey

    Easy to work with

  5. Mr koolvibes

    I love these I have so much preset but theses jump to the of my everyday use list thanks

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