Lightroom & Photoshop Tips And Tricks By Frank Doorhof


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Author: Frank Doorhof

Tired Of Learning Photoshop & Lightroom In Bits & Pieces?

A short video clip here. A brief website article there.

The best photographers are constantly improving their craft. And a big part of that is learning how to use Photoshop and Lightroom effectively.

And…there is so much to learn.

Even one of these platforms alone is enough to send a steep learning curve your way. But if you truly want to use both of these powerhouse photo editing platforms (which we strongly recommend you do), these short clips and brief articles just aren’t enough to learn everything.

Layers, balance, cropping, burning/dodging, masks, transformation…the list goes on and on. Even the vocabulary is a humbling reminder that you don’t know nearly as much as you need to know to succeed. 

And the small dribs and drabs of knowledge that you piece together only hint at the complexities beneath.

To make things even harder, how can you be sure that all the sources of this knowledge are reliable?

After all, anyone can post a few Lightroom & Photoshop tips & tricks on the Internet. But not everyone is a true, seasoned photographer who has gotten real results.

But when would these successful photographers ever find the time or the inclination to share this knowledge with you?

Well, that’s about to change.

The Monster Package Of Video Instruction

7.5 hours of instructions in 100 videos compiled in 1 course.

What happens when you put a master photographer in lockdown with nothing to do?

He produces the ultimate resource for effective use of Photoshop and Lightroom.

Celebrated fashion/glamor photographer Frank Doorhof brings you almost 100 videos, lovingly created to show you everything you need to know about Lightroom and Photoshop.

Topics covered in this video series are:

Mask & Selections

  • Classis Luminosity mask
  • Color range mask made easy
  • Lighten and darken
  • Lighting effects with a layer mask
  • Luminosity masks easier
  • Making selections behave more logical
  • Quick mask and content-aware
  • Saving selections
  • Show your mask
  • Ultra-fast global layer selection


  • Auto stack for HDR or Panoramic shots
  • Exporting in Lr for the web
  • Lightroom CC healing brush opacity
  • Lr CC copy setting to a series of images
  • Lr CC exporting for web
  • Maximum color control in BW with HSL and the color mixer
  • Profiles form the Xrite color checker in Lr
  • Selective focus effect
  • Set this up first in Lr
  • Skin retouching in Lr
  • Stunning 2 color effects with one gel
  • Sync new photos and work with parent folders
  • Syncing Lightroom CC into Classic
  • Using add with import
  • Using the Colorchecker passport in previous versions of Lr
  • Vintage looks in Lr
  • Vintage looks with light leaks

The Basic & Tools

  • ACR
  • Adjustments layers
  • Clean up your workspace
  • Cloning and saving loads of memory
  • Setting color balance on a JPG for beginners
  • Combining types with images
  • Content-aware fill
  • Crop magic, get back what you cropped
  • Curves and presets
  • Customizing your menus
  • Dodge burn and sponge
  • Exporting for the web
  • HDR in ACR
  • How to see your mask easily
  • Introduction to layers
  • More accurate healing brush
  • Quick mask explained plus fast tip
  • Recording actions
  • Saving your images TIFF or PDS or JPG
  • See only one layer
  • Smart objects
  • The clone and healing brush plus tips
  • The crop tool
  • The history brush
  • The liquify tool
  • Transformations and wrap
  • Using the camera raw as a filter
  • Zoom in to infinity
  • Zooming around

Enhancing Your Image

  • Add extra color effects like a semigel
  • Colors via the BW adjustmentlayer
  • Digital makeup
  • Eyes
  • Filling gaps in the hair
  • Hyper sharpening
  • Matching color looks
  • My favorite plugins
  • Painting with light part I dodge and burn
  • Painting with light part II non destructive
  • Painting with light part III create a vignettes made easy
  • Playing with selective saturation
  • Removing moire in Photoshop and ACR
  • Skin retouching bring detail back in poorly blurred skin
  • Smooting your backgrounds
  • Softening the bags under the eyes
  • Strong BW with focus effects retouch
  • Tinting with Colored layers
  • Tinting your images = tinting Chapter 1 Curves
  • Turn on lights or enhance lights
  • Using color channels for high impact contrast
  • With teeth


  • About calibrations
  • Color management
  • Color temp in RAW and JPG do I have to set it
  • Combining techniques for a stunning colored look
  • Fix a stuck dial on the cintiq remote
  • Fixing corrupt databases when syncing between devices with Lr
  • Gear
  • Using several monitors

A Sneak Peek Into The Photoshop Tips & Tricks Course

photoshop tips and tricks
photoshop tips and tricks
photoshop tips and tricks
photoshop tips and tricks
photoshop tips and tricks
photoshop tips and tricks

Lightroom & Photoshop Tips And Tricks Unlocked

If you want to take your love for photography as far as it will go, you just can’t afford to neglect Lightroom or Photoshop.

More than anything else, these two photo editing platforms have changed the way we do photography.

The photographer who does not know how to use them will be quickly left behind.

This comprehensive collection of videos gives you absolutely everything you will ever need to know about Lightroom and Photoshop.

All the tools. All the tricks. All the workarounds.

It is rare for anyone in the photography industry to share what he knows in such detail…and it may never happen again.

photoshop tips and tricks

For this, we have to thank the sheer genius of Frank Doorhof. With the true perfectionist spirit of an artist, he refused to create a video series that was incomplete. It took lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic for Doorhof to create this masterpiece of photography instruction. And we’re so glad he did.

Once purchased, these videos are yours forever. You can go back and refer to them whenever you’re ready to try a new tool, or refresh yourself on the use of an old one.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or a professional. This video series has what you need to take your work to the next level.

Nor does it matter whether you prefer fashion photography, landscapes or lifestyle shots. The skills here are universal to every genre.

Download The Ultimate Collection Of Lightroom & Photoshop Tips And Tricks Today

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