Portrait Studio – 21 Incredible Photoshop Effects

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21 One-Click Effects To Instantly Amp Up Your Portraits

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Author: PhotoWhoa
photo effects

A Collection Of Artistic Photoshop Effects

Are you always on the lookout for the best, most cutting-edge Photoshop effects?

We completely understand. Every year, Photoshop offers more and more possibilities to take your images to new levels of surreal and/or stunning.

But with more tools and effects bursting onto the market every year, how do you decide which ones are really worth your time and money?

The best effects are the ones that allow you to fully unleash your creativity, to follow your artistic muse wherever it may lead. 

Portrait Effects
Photoshop Effects

Every photographer’s dream is to create unique, powerful images over and over again.

But the reality is that it’s hard to find one collection of effects that allow you to do that. Very often, you may find yourself using the same effects over and over again.

And of course, you would love to purchase and try a new effect every day. But is this feasible on your budget?

Not to mention, some effects are hard to use. It can take hours of tinkering to get a Photoshop effect to look exactly the way you want. 

At the end of it, you’ve lost your original image, so you can’t do anything more with it. In addition, some effects may be incompatible with your devices or with your existing software.

But you’ll be happy to know that there is now a new horizon opening up for easy and amazing Photoshop effects.

One-Click Photoshop Script Effect

Some Amazing Features Of The Portrait Studio Effects:

  • They Can Be Used as Photoshop Actions Rather Than a Script
  • They Are Versatile And Give Great Effects For Figure Studies, Portraits, Composite Artwork and Landscapes
  • They Are 21 Effects Which Can Be Saved as Fully Customizable Layered PSD File
  • They Have An Option to Export All 21 Effects at Once as JPEGs
  • They Include 3 Additional Free Scripts to Increase Tonal Values, Add Frames, and Export JPEGs
  • They Come With Instructions and Informational Files
  • They Also Come With An Extended Commercial License For Unlimited Personal & Commercial Use

The Effects Are Compatible With:

  • Mac OS X and Windows
  • Photoshop Versions CS5.5 to Current CC 2020
  • Foreign Language Versions of These Applications (However, Layer Names, Alerts and Read-Me Files Are in English.)
  • Online Use When the Image Is Less Than 2000×2000 Pixels
  • Online Ads and Banners, Social Media and Web Pages.

Before/After Effects You Can Create

Photoshop Effects
Portrait Photo Effects
Photoshop Script Effect
Portrait Studio
Creative Portrait Effects
Landscape Effects
Photo Editing

Here's How You Can Use This Script

21 One-Click Photoshop Effects

This Photoshop script empowers you to create every effect you could ever imagine with stunning results every time.

Because it’s a script and not an action, it comes to you as just one file. But it only takes one click to access any of a total of 21 amazing portrait effects.

Even better, your original image is left intact. This script works by making a duplicate of your image to modify, without making any changes to your original image.

So your original image remains in your possession, for you to come back and use differently at some later date.

Best Photoshop Scripts

The script gives you maximum control over your images, allowing you to choose which layers you will turn off and on for each.

That means you can play with varying density, color, and effect layers to achieve an infinite number of variations.

And it’s so easy to use. If you run into any confusion at all, the handy Read Me files spell everything out clearly.

The simple Lasso Tool within the app lets you draw a loose area around a section of your image and then select the script from your Photoshop menu to add the desired effect. 

It’s really that easy. The possibilities are limitless, but the price isn’t. You can now get this amazing Photoshop script for just $19. This is an unbeatable deal considering that its regular selling price is $95.

Grab These Photoshop Effects To Transform Your Images Into Art!

4 reviews for Portrait Studio – 21 Incredible Photoshop Effects

  1. ADP

    I love these effects. Got a great deal and they really do some interesting things, very easily.

  2. Steve T

    This is a great offer. Looks like I can achieve some interesting looks.

  3. Paul Girardin

    Incredible piece of creativity.

    There are so many ways to make artwork that it may well outlive me 😉

    Recommended for diversifying your creations

  4. Chuck

    Excellent effect. Offers you 21 different variations of a sketch. Well worth the price

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