118 Premium Lightroom Presets

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Sold By: Marc Shorb

If you love Lightroom presets, we know you only want the best. These planet 118 Premium professional presets will inspire the very best in your post-processing workflow.

planet 118 Lightroom Presets

What’s stopping you from using them? They spark creativity when you’re feeling uncreative. Expand your imagination when you’re feeling unimaginative. And the best ones make Lightroom – and post-processing in general – dramatically more streamlined.

They’re adaptable, timesaving, and fine-tuned to give you powers you never knew you had. They make editing almost as fun as shooting. Well, almost. At the very least, they take some headaches away, but they also have another great benefit.

If you use them as a starting point to gradually pick apart which Lightroom settings they use, you’ll see that you can reverse-engineer your way to developing your own editing style. You’ll find patterns within them that you can apply outside their effect. You’ll understand which Lightroom setting branches to what look.

Learning plus utility. Isn’t that the best combo in the world? You’ll have planet 118 premium Lightroom presets to use whenever, alongside value in understanding how to use Lightroom. Planet 118 instant creative pushes, sorted into 7 differently themed sets, to inject imagination when you need it.


Okay, let’s see the goods. What presets am I getting?

* Mouseover the images to see the after shot.

Spring Awakenings

During winter, all the colors that we’ve seen around us dull and fade. Then, with spring, life emerges all around us again. Colors seem brighter, form more lush, textures more vivid. These 20 presets try to capture that vitality into something you’ll use whenever you want your photographs to jump out just a little bit more.


A regular photograph is great. A perfectly made one is fine. What about the one that you know needs something else? Haze is great for these. These 10 presets make your photograph slightly more ethereal and mystical. They’re great for outdoor portraits and landscapes.


Make your life more cinematic. Emphasis the drama. Add storytelling effects to any photograph you think needs it. With these 10 effects, you’ll work more cinematically and add more intense shadow and contrast. These are great for candid portraits and street photography.


The Lomo movement was inspired by a camera. Now it’s a full-fledged genre of style. With these 10 effects, you’ll be able to create a typical lomo look – vintage, classic, and unique. These are great for any travel photographs and weekend day trips.

Soft Colors

Sometimes you want the cinematic effect, other times you want a subtle and elegant approach. These 15 lightroom presets will give subtle touches of color. Fine-tuned to hit the right notes and soft enough to never overpower what you captured, they’re perfect for romantic touches.


35 different presets designed to subdue color, smooth out edges, flatten contrast. These presets will give your photographs a sophisticated veneer that’s hard to replicate. You’ll love its modern and stylish flair.

Color Pop

This one explains itself. If you want a boost of color, these 15 presets will get it done. They’re vibrant punches that increase the color range of what you saw on the field. They’ll increase energy in all the places it’s needed the most.

* Lightroom 4 and above required for these Lightroom presets.


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