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Sold By: Marc Shorb


You never do things halfheartedly, do you? Why should you? If you love something, you love it a lot. Nothing’s wrong with enthusiasm—what’s wrong with showing it? If you want to put a personal message on top of your already great photographs, then do it.

These 70 text overlays are great to have around. They’re not a struggle to use or to edit. Each text overlay comes in .png and layered .psd format for plenty of versatility. And if you don’t care about sentimentality, your clients might, so why not give them another option to choose from?

There are 6 overlays sets for you to work with. Each set has several options of text overlay specially written for all your beloved genres, whether a wedding, maternity, or newborn as well as standalone inspirational text and text for family and friends portraiture.

If you’re looking for a fun way to add something special to your photos, these photo overlays will help you do it. They will be ready when you want to decorate your photos—or your client’s—with something extra.

text overlay
text overlay

What’s included? How do text overlay work?

text overlay

You’re going to get 6 sets of text overlays. Each set of overlays was written with a particular type of photograph in mind. In total, you’ll get 70 photo overlays covering wedding, maternity, newborn genres as well as standalone inspirational text and text for family and friends portraiture.

The .png overlay files are sized at 12 inches by 12 inches, 300 dpi. The .psd files use vector shapes and text, and can be re-sized as needed with no loss in quality.

Each overlay has two different .psd versions, one that includes all the text overlay as vector shape layers (which means that you don’t have to download any fonts to use the overlays, but you won’t be able to change the text), and one that use text (you will need to download the fonts used, but this allows you to change the text if you’d like).

Free fonts have been used in these text photo overlay, and URLs are provided to where you can download each font. The .psd files are layered, so you can easily change colors of each word or shape individually if you’d like.

Type of text overlays:

15 Wedding Word Overlays

text overlay

10 Maternity Word Overlays

text overlay

10 Newborn Word Overlays

text overlay

15 Inspirational Word Overlays

text overlay

10 Family Word Overlays

text overlay

10 Friendship Word Overlays

text overlay

" Few Examples more..."

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