Photographing Boudoir + Couples Bundle by Damien Lovegrove

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Author: Damien Lovegrove

Beautiful boudoir & couples photography, for serious photographers.

Watch Damien Lovegrove, the “master of boudoir”, teach you how to shoot women and couples in this bundle from PhotoWhoa.

When you start shooting boudoir photography, you’ll undoubtedly notice two shoots that are highly demanded — classic boudoir photos and couples portraits. We bundled these two popular training courses into one, to give you the upper hand in your boudoir business.

In this video series you will get

  • A bundle of 2 tutorials: Simply Boudoir and Photographing Couples
  • Roughly 4 hours of content
  • In-depth photoshoot examples with explanations from Lovegrove on how to achieve his lighting setups
  • Simple instruction meant for the beginning photographer

Take your boudoir photos to the next level with Simply Boudoir.

Simply Boudoir, by Damien Lovegrove will teach you the same techniques that have been perfected by a 20-year industry veteran who’s known as one of the most cutting-edge boudoir photographers of today.

The title accurately reflects the content inside the video. Lovegrove aims to make boudoir training as simple as possible, so you can achieve gorgeous lighting, angles, and poses that will make your boudoir clients look ravishing.

What I like most about this title is that Lovegrove doesn’t overcomplicate things with 10 different lights. Most of the tutorial discusses light with a single Lupo light or with natural lighting. When you watch the video you’ll see how stunning you can make your boudoir photos with very little extra equipment.

Lovegrove has a knack for making things easy to understand, while also allowing you an in-depth look inside his head. In the video below you can see a sample chapter which will show you exactly how he teaches during the tutorial video.

If you want to learn boudoir photography, Damien Lovegrove is definitely THE guy to learn it from.

  • Video Size HD: 720p
  • File Type: Quicktime H264 (.mov)
  • Running Time: 1hr 47mins
  • No. of Chapters: 18
  • No. of Download Files: 2
  • Written and Presented by: Damien Lovegrove
  • Starring: Stina Sanders and Kayt Webster-Brown

Delight your clients with the techniques from Photographing Couples.

There are very few couples photography tutorials out there, despite it being one of the most in-demand photography skills. Just think of how many maternity shoots, engagement shoots, and other couples shoots you could start shooting!

If you’re currently shooting couples, this tutorial helps you hone your techniques and teach you a couple new things.

If you haven’t started shooting couples yet, this video will teach you the basics to manage a couples shoot and understand the logistics behind shooting two people and capturing them at their best moment.

If you want to start creating images that your clients will love, if you want to capture an intimate moment between two lovers that they will cherish forever, this is the tutorial that will help you do it.

  • Video Size: Full HD 720p
  • File Type: Quicktime H264 (.mov)
  • Running Time: 1hr 30mins
  • No. of Chapters: 24
  • No. of Download Files: 2
  • Written and Presented by: Damien Lovegrove

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Grab this bundle of two videos from Damien Lovegrove and you’ll start shooting gorgeous boudoir & couples photography in no time. Master these two genres and get tons of new clients for your photography business.

As a recap, you’ll get

  • Two amazing tutorials: Simply Boudoir and Photographing Couples
  • Digital files that you can download to your computer
  • Step by step walkthrough of Lovegrove’s personal workflow, made easy for you to understand and learn from
  • HD quality video with stunning models inside

Check out now and start shooting sexy boudoir

You’ll get this bundle of 2 tutorial videos, over 4 hours of content, for only $75.

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    Great tutorial, 4 HQ videos, a lot of useful tips.

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