CODIJY PRO: Fantastic Photo Colorization App

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Get real-life colors for your black & white photos

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Sold By: Codijy

Accurate, faithful colors. Simple, gesture-based software.

Revive life’s colors without eyeballing it.

Deeply in love with old black and white photography?

It’s wonderful chance to turn your passion into an extremely captivating hobby!

With the right tool, photo colorization brings endless fun and rewards you with lots of amazing discoveries and fantastic emotions!

CODIJY Pro presents a simple, intuitive way of adding photo colors. You pick a color and sketch a few color strokes. The program applies your colors them to underneath area. And then begins the try creative fun!

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Ready for a color quest?

In CODIJY Pro every masterpiece starts with a few simple touches of color. Yet with every step, you are getting involved in a thrilling color game! Is this color the best match?

You pick alternatives from color libraries, try applying multiple colors with gradients. Or.. just pick a color image and capture true to live colors. And here you go – you see a wonderful image created with your own hands!

Or.. just pick a color image and capture true to live colors. And here you go – you see a wonderful image created with your own hands!

Some photos are quick to colorize and you will be done within an hour. Others will keep you for days. But the emotions will stay with you for a very long time! As long as a fabulous result that you can enjoy for ages!

Now, every time you want to recharge your brain, get stress relief or just feel the nudge to take a new quest, CODIJY Pro is here for you!

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How much time do you want to spend colorizing?

It’s not a hard choice. With Codijy, you’ll spend a lot less time getting results that could have taken much, much longer. Okay, cool, but how and why, right?

Codijy gets you there faster because all the colorizing is automatic. With picking and matching done through intelligent power tools and skin tones adjusted with multi-color gradients, all you’re left to do is oversee the final result.

Watch the magic of Codijy

How will this photo colouring software change the game for you?

Well, if you want quick results that don’t look hastily made, then you want photo colouring software that you can rely on to get you those results.

Codijy Pro is the world’s most advanced tool for doing that. You’ll get a simple, intuitive photo colouring software that adds colors automatically. All you need to do is pick a color, draw a stroke over your selected photo, and watch the color apply in real time.

What can you do with the app?

Here’s a list of things:

  • Smart tools that automatically apply colors to selected areas (and not go outside them)
  • Instant preview mode enables you to see the result in real time
  • Advanced Color Picker that lets you select and experiment with colors
  • Gradient Capture tool allows you to capture natural colors from color photos
  • 32 color libraries
  • Smart color protection pen for protecting monochrome objects
  • De-color pen for turning color photos into black and white
  • Support for all major file types

Faster because you’re not interested in wasting time. Codijy makes colorizing much more responsive to real-life. Download your copy and forget all about Photoshop!

Who has time to reproduce millions of colors by hand?

Let life’s colors be seen again. Bang it out in an instant.

7 reviews for CODIJY PRO: Fantastic Photo Colorization App

  1. Peter

    This is probably a great program once I figure it out, just be warned that it takes time to learn all the steps involved in colorizing a print. SOmething I have not had time to figure out yet.

    • Amruta

      Hey Peter, pls take your time to explore available options. Let me know your feedback then. 🙂

  2. Declan

    Very easy to use and adds a very valuable string to my bow

  3. Dave Floyd

    Very nice and easy option for recolouring.

  4. Joel Blake

    I thought I had purchased this program for $29.99 and would be able to use it for my personal photos. When I open the program it ask me to purchase the program for $59.99. It also indicates this is an practice type program and not a program I can use with my personal photos. Is this not a usable program for my personal use or did I pay for something that was not explained on the purchase? If this is not for personal use and only a practice program, I would like to have my investment refunded. Thank You

    • Amruta

      Hi Joel,

      I think you are missing any step or something because we have got so many sales for this deal and no one raised a ticket with such issue. I would suggest you contact COdijy team directly at [email protected] and they will help you to get started. Let me know how it goes.

      Amruta | PhotoWhoa Team

  5. [email protected]

    Excellent program I was looking for and finally found it and a good price.

    • Amruta

      Thank you so much, I’m glad that you liked it 🙂

  6. Ron Evans

    Great Program and price,all working after initially not being supplied with serial number,Thanks Amruta for sorting this so promptly.

  7. Sandra Chung

    It does take a while to learn to use, so be patient. Once you get the hang of the tools, it really does a a great job colorizing B&W images. My only bugbear with it was trying to find how to save completed images as JPGs. It’s not really clear or easy to find in the instructions or documentation (or wasn’t at the time I got the program, but support informed me about the Long Press to save as JPG). It’s much more precise than any other method I have used to put color in a grey scale image.

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