The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash

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Author: Bernie Raffe

Clear-cut directions. All-out focus on flash.

4 hours. 37 lessons.

Pick up those triggers and modifiers and finally master them.

You want to shape light as you please. Create scenes with vivid, artistic flair. Like all your favorite photographers, natural light isn’t enough for you.

So you looked into what else you could do. What else could pack more punch? Then you realized that you hadn’t tried flash. Even though you know most professionals use them all the time.
But you can’t just pick up a flash and automatically know what to do. How do you first sync it with your shutter? Which modifiers work best? There’s more to using flash than pressing a trigger.

But you still try to learn. You scour the internet. Try your best to learn from all the different sites. But each instructor tells you a different story. The next more confident than the last.

We have the perfect instructor for you. Bernie Raffe with his Off Camera Flash Photography Tutorial.

Watch the Off Camera Flash Photography Trailer

Some really impressive reviews.

“I have watched many videos and tutorials about flash photography, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, until now. Bernie starts with the very basics and builds on that to help you understand step by step how to use your flash. I am enjoying this series very much.” –Keith

“I have taken a few of Bernie’s courses and have never been disappointed. His instructional style is fun and not at all stuffy!”–Shari

“Outstanding course filled with information – all vital to great off camera flash photography. Bernie Raffe presents his course in an all-professional manner yet is very pleasant to watch. Viewing his course has certainly helped me become a better photographer. I would recommend this program to any photographer who has a solid understanding of his or her camera but would like to take it to the next step by using off-camera flash. It is a huge step into making pictures rather than just taking them.” – David Bowman

Take Dramatic Images

Whether indoor or outdoor, learn to take dramatic images

37 lessons

37 lessons and 4 hours of content that fill out your photographic understanding

off camera flash photography - 2

Triggering Flashes

Understand the various methods of triggering flashes

Lighting Gear

Know how all your lighting gear fits together

Deliver knockout light indoors & outdoors just by learning off-camera flash

off camera flash photography - 1

You’re going to video course that clocks in at roughly 4 hours. There are 35 lessons that will unlock the off camera flash photography techniques blow by blow. But don’t sweat it. With Bernie, it’s pretty easy.

And right now and only for a limited time, Bernie has worked out a deal with us for an exclusive $19 promotion.

If you want to shoot indoors, outdoors, in a shade, in broad day, then you will eventually have to learn flash. If you want to incorporate a more nuanced way of seeing the light, this is your time.

Want to master off-camera flash?

Learn off camera flash photography from one of the top photographers in the industry with this course.

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5 reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash

  1. Chris Parker

    Great video series – the information is presented in short, concise videos in an easy to understand manner. I have already learned a lot about the different equipment and pro/cons of different methods and styles. Would definitely recommend course especially to flash beginners and look forward to taking additional courses from Bernie Raffe.

  2. David Beamish

    It didn’t download

  3. mc

    I never received the product and I was given no information as to how to receive it. I tried to sign up but your website would not let me. I have asked for a refund and I will never do business with your company again.

    • Amruta

      Sorry for this inconvenience. Can you please provide me your-id? I will send you links immediately.

  4. Gunnar Stromeus

    Brilliant videos!!

  5. Bobby Gentry

    So far all of my purchases have been great and helpful.

    • Megha Kendre

      Bobby! Thank you so much for being a loyal PhotoWhoa customer. The PhotoWhoa team loves you 🙂

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