Nude and Glamour Photography by Michael Charles

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Author: Michael Charles

Razor-sharp Provocation Doesn’t Start
Without Learning a Few Rules

A complete guide to nude glamour photography must come with a warning. If nudity, sensuality, or utterly explicit sexuality offends you, then Skin might offend you a lot. But we know that’s not you. You understand every genre has its secrets to learn.

Skin is adult. Skin is serious. These two qualities aren’t contradictory. I can’t imagine any photographer who could read it without finding something they had never thought about. From finding models to making money: everything makes a cameo.

It has nearly 300 pages and has 50 chapters. And it’s one of our best sellers. But for this new edition, we’re including an updated version of Skin and adding 1 all-new video called Model Talk.

It’s a complete guide to nude glamour photography, anywhere. With over 100 provocative examples to learn from. And, of course, it still has all the information you need to make sure you understand every nuance of shooting glamour professionally.

nude glamour photography
nude glamour photography

What’s included? Why should I buy this nude and glamour photography guide?

nude glamour photography

You’re going to get Skin, the main ebook with 287 pages. And you’re going to get a bonus collection that includes one video, Model Talk.

Skin focuses on the more adult and erotic side of glamour photography. But like anything that deals with sensitive topics, it does it with a precise discussion of the ideas and techniques behind making beautiful photographs

You’ll learn the right ways of doing things — and avoid the horribly expensive or utterly useless ones. Each chapter builds upon the first until you know all about makeup, locations, lighting, equipment, and professional directing strategies.

 Bonus: Models Talk

And in Model Talk, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into the best ways to conduct nude and erotic shoots. It’s 20-minutes featuring gorgeous models talking directly to you about what they like and what they don’t like about direction and technique.

  To summarize, here’s what you’ll learn:

nude glamour photography
  • Where to find models to work with you

  • Methods to approach beautiful women for modeling

  • How to build great rapport with models you work with

  • Michael’s secrets for directing models

  • Shoot preparation techniques so you’ll get the maximum output from every photo shoot

  • How to use hot lights, studio flashes, and other lighting equipment in your glamour photography

  • Post-production techniques to make your images pop

  • How to make money as a glamour photographer

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2 reviews for Nude and Glamour Photography by Michael Charles

  1. [email protected]

    This was the first nude photography book I bought. It was a few years ago now and I’ve worked with some talented models and built up a nice portfolio since then. Michael gives advice on finding models, how to work professionally and how to get the most out of a photoshoot. It really is a whole package thing, not just a few poses. I must also agree with the reviewers above, Michael is an excellent teacher. Many thanks.

  2. william mock

    I really enjoy reading this, very informative and to the point. While I don’t plan on doing nudes the information can be used with other niche photography that deals with posing and lighting.

    • Megha Kendre

      Michael is a great teacher. Glad you love him too.

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