Dan Hostettler’s Nude Artistic Video Course Bundle

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A bundle of 4 videos that will expand your skills in nude photography

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Author: Dan Hostettler

Are your nude photos looking trashy, uninspired, or just plain basic?

It’s time to learn how to add a much greater artistic flair to your work. Dan Hostettler is a master of nude photography, and his latest bundle of 4 nude photography videos will teach you to get creative with your work.

Want to develop an artistic style and move away from the typical nude style? You’ll learn how to combine art with sexy to create even more creative nude photos.

nude photography bundle1


Dan Hostettler’s course for creating nude portraiture that captures your emotions. 

1-Opener_and_Intro_Speech: 8.5 mins
2-Set-1_-_Romantic-And-Fresh – Shoot – 25 mins
3-Set-2_-_B&W-Spark-Diva – Shoot – 20 mins
4-Set-3_-_Silky-Glam – Shoot – 20.5 mins
5-Q+A_Outro – 23 mins
> Total Shooting Time Tut: 65.5 mins

Contemporary Allure teaches you beyond lighting & technique. How do you get an emotive response from your subject? How can you make beautiful nude photos and extract the best from your subject? Dan Hostettler answers these questions in this course.

The focus of Contemporary Allure is black & white erotic photography. A style of photography that can really bring out the classic and artistic side of your work. Pairing the artsy with the emotive creates an extremely alluring photo.

And of course, he features one of the most gorgeous models, the Czech  beauty Nici Dee.

Watch The Trailer Below

What I like most about Dan’s video course is the fact that he shows you how to do everything without needing the most expensive gear. Many other photography teachers use cameras that are out of reach for the average prosumer. Dan actually does the opposite — showing you how to make a gorgeous photo WITHOUT all the bells and whistles of expensive gear.

In fact, he’ll also show you how to shoot in tiny spaces – this course was shot entirely inside Dan’s own flat. No need to rent out expensive locations to bring out the best in your models.

This course is all about creating seductive nude portraiture that emulates the pros, without needing to drop a massive budget.

  • Set 1A: Contemporary Look: Soft
  • Set 1B: Contemporary Look: Fresh
  • Set 2: B&W Spark: DIVA
  • Set 3: Silky Glam
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights Only!
  • Shooting in tight spaces
  • Comparison of shooting with a pro camera against a consumer camera
  • Inspiration about how to start shooting for private assignments
  • Simple, Effective Posing & Expressions, Easy to Adapt
  • All Shooting Concepts can be Recreated with Your Partner/Wife, Beginner to Pro Models
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…
nude photography bundle2


How do we create nude photography that combines sexual appeal with classic fashion tastes? This webinar by Dan Hostettler reveals his top secrets.

1-Opener_and_Intro_Speech: 7.5 mins
2) Set 1 ‘Slice Of Light – Shoot – 38.5 mins
3) Set 2 ‘Body Lines’ – Shoot – 36 mins
4) Set 3 ‘Posinge Etude’- Shoot – 12.5 mins
5-Q+A_Outro – 22 mins
> Total Shooting Time Tut: 87 mins  

If you have the right model, a nude fashion-style shoot can truly make your work stand out. But once you have the model, how do you create the right look?

Dan Hostettler teaches you his most effective techniques in this webinar, which uses 3D models along with real-life instruction to teach you the best poses and postures for fashion style shoots.

How do you combine the look with the lighting to create something that could be a mix between Playboy and Vogue?

Watch The Trailer Below

Dan also grabs one of the best models in the business, Michaela, who’s been published Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Amica while working for brands like Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Swarovski, and many more.

The hair and makeup is also essential. In this nude photography videos, you’ll see how makeup & hair artist Aneta Lozkova helped create the final look.

Inside you’ll get:

  • Set “Slice Of Light” – Theatrical, Symbolic, Compelling
  • Set “Body Lines” – Subtle Luxury, Energetic Dynamics
  • Set “Posing Etude” – Plain & Play
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/2-/ 3-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Shooting in a tight space
  • Dan’s Definition of “Fashion-Inspired” Concepts
  • Adapting Light Characteristics & Lighting Design
  • Choosing Effective Wardrobe
  • Beautifying Strategies & Image Looks
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…
nude photography bundle3


Charming Femininity: Classical Boudoir, A Portraiture Sequence & A Touch Of Fetish

1-Opener_and_Intro_Speech: 8.5 mins
2-Set-1_-_Classical-Boudoir – Shoot – 49 mins
3-Set-2_-_Boudoir-Portraiture – Shoot – 13.5 mins
4-Set-3_-_Beyond-Boudoir – Shoot – 16 mins
5-Q+A_Outro – 27 mins
> Total Shooting Time Tut: 78.5 mins

Boudoir photography is not what you think it is. According to Dan Hostettler, boudoir photography is meant to emphasize the beauty of the woman, not her objectification. With that in mind, it’s important to learn how to create classy photos that flatter your subject without making her uncomfortable.

Don’t have a large, amazing room? It doesn’t matter. Dan shows you how to shoot beautiful boudoir even if you just have a small bedroom. Don’t have expensive equipment? It’s okay, in this nude photography videos, you’ll see Dan use simple speedlights.

Watch The Trailer Below

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to set-up the whole shoot in a “classic” boudoir structure, meaning soft lighting, suitable poses, different narratives, shooting angles, composition, and framing.

This is a comprehensive course on the entirety of boudoir, but split into multiple sections. And of course, like all Dan Hostettler videos, you’ll have a bevy of amazingly gorgeous models to learn from.

In one segment which I particularly liked, Dan discusses how to create boudoir portraiture with just a single light. Keep your portraits simple, and you can easily get amazing photos.

  • Set “Classic Boudoir” – Sensual Lingerie Temptation
  • Set “Boudoir Portraiture” – Complementing A Boudoir Shoot
  • Set “Beyond Boudoir” – A Touch Of Fetish
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/ 2-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights Only!
  • Shooting in a tight space
  • Dan’s Definition of “Correct” Boudoir
  • Mixed Lighting Situations
  • Working with Models/Clients: Building a Rapport, Going With the Flow
  • Implied Nude Shots
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…
nude photography bundle4


2 Girls’ Glory: Voyeuristic Portraiture, Bodyscapes, Abstract Nude Art

1-Opener_and_Intro_Speech: 8 mins
2-Set-1_-_Les-Muses – Shoot – 25 mins
3-Set-2_-_Bodyscapes – Shoot – 24 mins
4-Set-3_-_Abstract-Passion – Shoot – 15 mins
5-Q+A_Outro – 33 mins
> Total Shooting Time Tut: 64 mins 

How do you shoot 2 gorgeous women without making it seem like a lesbian porn scene?

This out-of-the-box course by Dan Hostettler features a unique situation. Taking 2 amazing beauties, and putting them together. How do you create art, emotion, and artistic nudity without your shoot devolving into a trashy scene?

Watch The Trailer Below

It’s not easy. In this course Dan teaches you the ins and outs of posing two beautiful glam models, and still capture that raw emotion. When 2 models are in play, it’s much more difficult to achieve the right results. What are the pitfalls you must understand and follow through?

In this course, you’ll learn how to combine the sexual & sensual posing with classy artistic nudity to create voyeuristic, inspiring portraiture.

You Will Get Essentials, Insights & Dan’s Methods

  • Set 1: “Les Muses: Voyeuristic Portrayal Story”
  • Set 2: “Bodyscapes – Artistic Shapes”
  • Set 3: “Abstract Passion: Experimental Lines”
  • Concepts, Observation, Instructions & Results
  • 1-/2-/ 4-Light Setups (+ Modifiers)
  • Speedlights & LEDs!
  • Shooting in tight spaces
  • Comparison of shooting with a pro camera against a consumer camera
  • About the “Shoot Out Of The Cam” Myth
  • Simple, Effective Posing & Expressions, Easy to Adapt
  • Gear & Settings
  • Q&A Segment with the Crew
  • And more…

If you want to become a master of nude photography, Dan’s bundle of 4 videos will make your life easier. With more creativity comes better photography.

Dan will help unlock your creative mind and help turn your work into a classy masterpiece.

Are you finally ready to up your nude photography game?

Grab this nude photography videos bundle now for the lowest price ever.

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7 reviews for Dan Hostettler’s Nude Artistic Video Course Bundle

  1. Royald

    Informative series of videos. Helpful to those who are just starting.

  2. puddrik

    Faboulus and very informativ and educating

  3. Andrew Daughtry

    This is a very informative series of videos. Helpful to those who are just starting out.

  4. Rodrigo A. Mancilla

    Dan is not only a talented photographer, but also a great and fun educator that shares with joy all his knowledge. Highly recommend!

  5. [email protected]

    This course by Dan Hostettler is very informative. If you are looking to create artistic nudes, this is a great place to start.

  6. [email protected]

    What a great value! I find Dan’s style very pleasing and he covers all the bases. So many great ideas from this series and I look forward to adding many of these styles and concepts to my nude portfolio. Definitely worth every penny!

  7. [email protected]

    This is not my first video course by Dan Hostettler, and like the other ones this bundle doesn’t dissappoint. Very informative, with great ideas and inspiration for my work. I recommend it without a doubt.

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