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The Ultimate Guide To Photography In New York City

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Sold By: James Maher

The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide Reveals The Hidden New York…

The Empire City. The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. Whatever you like to call it, this famous city is a veritable buffet of photographic delights.

But while it’s easy to snap a photo of the Statue of Liberty, it takes a true insider to capture the essence of New York photography. It takes more than a common observer to unravel all the secrets of this gritty, tough, beautiful city.

You need to know about more than just the tourist attractions. You need to find the hidden cafes and dark street corners where New York truly gives up its heart to your camera lens.

But New York is a huge city. Where do you even start? The only options available to you seem to be surveying photographer friends who live there. Or you could simply wander around the city until you find the places that call to you. This process can take hours, or even days, of your precious time.

Not only that, but you have to deal with all the trial and error of finding just the right equipment and learning the best way to transport it from one location to the next. To add to the confusion, some setups that are perfect in one location may not be ideal in another.

What you really need is to sit down with an experienced New York photographer so he can give you all the insider tips you need to photograph this unique city.

new york photography

Presenting all the secrets of New York photography…

new york photography

Here, at last, is all the NYC insider information that you’ve been craving in one handy guide.

The New York Photographer’s Travel Guide is your ultimate go-to source for information on photographing famous tourist attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path hidden gems.

You will learn how to get original, compelling shots of places like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square.

The book will also guide you to some lesser-known photographic treasures…locations that your competitors are hoping you never find.

Each location comes with a Google Map link which you can add easily to your Smartphone, saving valuable time that would otherwise be wasted in searching and navigating.

You will learn location-specific tips about street photography and work at night. There are even tips about how to keep yourself safe when navigating the New York City streets.

Photograph the Best of New York City

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One simple download to transform your work forever!

If New York City intrigues you as a photographer, you cannot afford to be without this guide.

It’s compellingly written by experienced photography instructor and NYC tour guide James Maher. There could be no better authority to reveal to you the photographic secrets of this unique city.

You will see a side of New York that you never knew existed, accompanied by 85 stunning photos to serve as examples of what you can accomplish.

And it does so much more than simply reveal photographs and addresses. The history, the culture, and the people connected with these places will come alive for you in these pages, breathing new inspiration into your work.

The information you will glean from these pages is priceless. Here at PhotoWhoa, you can typically access this treasure trove for just $7; but for a limited time, we are offering this amazing resource for free.

All you have to do is download this treasure trove from our website and you have it to use to your heart’s content as you uncover the wonders of New York.

new york photography

Everything you need to know…

Here are a just a few of the chapters that you can find in this handy guide.

Planning and equipment. A detailed analysis of weather, transportation options, and recommendations of what kind of equipment works best when getting around the city.
Street photography tips. Practical suggestions for ethically and effectively capturing candid shots on the streets of New York.
Two bridges and Brooklyn. Simple directions for navigating Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Manhattan Bridge at the right time of day for capturing spectacular photos.
Chinatown, Little Italy and Nolita. A practical guide to capturing the busy life of these unique neighborhoods.
Flatiron district and Madison Square Park. Specific directions to photographing one of the most-often photographed buildings in the world.
The financial district, Battery Park, and the World Trade Center. A guide to the memorable sights in this district, including step-by-step directions for capturing a stunning shot of the Statue of Liberty in the distance.
Rooftop bars. Some of the best rooftop bars to capture dramatic and vivid skylines.
And so much more.

Download This Guide Today To Begin Your Adventure With New York Photography.

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