2000+ Luminar Presets Advanced Bundle

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2171 Luminar Presets In 27 Different Categories

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Author: MegaPresets

Luminar offers some amazing possibilities to photographers. It’s the wave of the future, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Luminar is the easiest platform to create stunning images with just a few clicks. However, your experience with Luminar is only as good as the presets you have. But not just any set of Luminar presets will do. They need to be user-friendly.

The right Luminar presets will give you immediate results without a costly and inconvenient learning curve.

Your repertoire of Luminar presets can really make or break you as a photographer.

But after a while, the novelty of the presets wears off. You might even find yourself using the same presets and effects over and over again.

And that means…getting the same results! And no one wants that?

So you find yourself searching for Luminar presets any place you can.

Some are expensive. Some are hard to use. And some just don’t give you that wow factor you’re looking for.

What you need are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of presets.

luminar presets lightroom guide generic 2

That way, you can have different effects for every season, every occasion and every mood. And they need to be of sufficient quality that you can rely on them for consistently stunning results.

Is that possible?

Right now, it just might be.

The Definitive Collection of Luminar Presets

For a limited time, we are offering you a megapack of over 2000 Luminar presets, including:
  • 66 Animals Presets
  • 78 Black & White Presets
  • 80 Blogger Presets
  • 50 Change the Colors Presets
  • 95 Children Presets
  • 80 City Presets
  • 80 Couples Presets
  • 81 Darken Presets
  • 80 Film Presets
  • 80 Food Presets
  • 50 Freedom Presets
  • 80 Indoor Presets
  • 80 Instagram Presets
  • 83 Landscape Presets
  • 84 Matte Presets
  • 80 Natural Touch Presets
  • 100 Newborn Presets
  • 84 Night Presets
  • 77 Pastel Presets
  • 98 Portrait Presets
  • 78 Shooter Presets
  • 80 Sport Presets
  • 80 Studio Presets
  • 78 Sunset Presets
  • 80 Urban Presets
  • 97 Vintage Presets
  • 92 Wedding Presets

Bundle Compatibility

Bundle Includes

  • Mac and Windows Compatibility
  • Compatibility With All Types Of Luminar
  • Instruction Manual
  • Direct Digital Download Of 2000+ Presets
  • Look Up Table For Each Preset

Categories & Some of the Before/After Images

luminar presets animals category
luminar presets BW
luminar presets Blogger
luminar presets change the color
luminar presets children
luminar presets darken
luminar presets instagram
luminar presets landscape
luminar presets film
luminar presets portrait
luminar presets sunset
luminar presets matte
luminar presets sunset

Don’t Settle For Mediocre Effects

Why look back at your old effects when you have a plethora of over 2000 presets to help you create your masterpiece!

A great photographer is constantly looking for new challenges: new scenery, new effects, new occasions to capture.

Create fresh and better work with these new and beautiful presets.

With over 2000 presets, divided into 27 intriguing categories, you will never run out of inspiration.

You will find a new set of effects for every shoot you do for years to come.

Best of all? These Luminar presets will bring the fun back to your photography again.

You will find so much enjoyment in playing with these amazing presets, and trying out the different effects, that photography won’t even feel like work anymore. You’ll soon be addicted to all the fun!

Customer Reviews

Definitely a must have for all Luminar users! I stopped using Lightroom a long time ago and these presets make it even better! Easy to use!


Great deal, so many presets!


Good product, having fun with these new presets

-John Prado

Finally some good presets for Luminar!!

-Andrew Denfe

Get this incredible collection of Luminar presets today and you’ll never be the same.

7 reviews for 2000+ Luminar Presets Advanced Bundle

  1. George

    Awesome bundle

  2. George G

    I’m pumped to use this with luminer..great value

  3. Randall Williams

    The value of this bundle is amazing. It would really be great if there was a way to preview these before you choose them. But for the price, i’d recommend this to all my friends!

  4. [email protected]

    Great stuff! Big asset for my Luminar 4 projects. Recommend it for those working with it.

  5. Miguel Fernandes

    It’s just amazing! I could spend my whole life testing the nuances and combinations between these thousands of professional LUTs. It’s Paradise!

  6. William Johnson

    Nice set. Wish there was a preview or something to know what each does.

  7. [email protected]

    Great product. Recommend to other luminar users.

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